Twene Jonas on Achimota Saga: Africans are More Racist Than Any Race

Social Reporter, Twene Jonas also known as Glass Nkoaa has been vexed by the ‘Rasta Adventure’ that occurred in Achimota School and has added his voice to the uproar following the warmed discussion, whether understudies with dreadlocks ought to be confessed to senior secondary schools in Ghana.

The virtual entertainment reporter sharing his feedback regarding this situation as located by, which has started a public discussion is saying that the improvement just affirms his viewpoint that Africans are more bigoted than any race on the grounds that the school concedes Caucasian understudies with long hair.

“If you have any desire to realize which individuals are bigots, it is Africans, I say this without fail yet pioneers like Nana Addo will convey discourses against prejudice, the bigotry is in Ghana there however you can’t give a discourse about it,” he said.

He depicted his prejudice insight as follows: “I’m a casualty; when I was in school, there was a kid called Zayid who sat close to me.

He’s from Pakistan, and he kept his hair until we got done, however we were in a similar class, so when my hair got somewhat longer, they terminated me from class to go to the stylist ”

“I have lived with both white and individuals of color, and I can guarantee you that the race that despises its own kin is the dark race, however they will continuously blame whites for being e**l,” he said.

Twene Jonas communicated his disappointment with the circumstance by utilizing unprintable terms to distinguish GES authorities while making a move to exhibit how life is lived in America in an exceptionally loosened up way.