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Tyler Bayless is an ex-flat mate of Robert Aaron Long, the Georgia man accused of eight killings at Atlanta spas. Tyler Bayless is the previous flat mate of the 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long, who was blamed for eight killings and one disturbed attack in the Atlanta shooting.

As indicated by Tyler, Robert Long was a sex fiend. Actually, he was additionally profoundly strict and was attempting to defeat his sex compulsion. You can get familiar with him by perusing this article until the end. Tyler Bayless is a recuperating drug fanatic and a previous flatmate of the Atlanta shooter, Robert Aaron Long, as revealed by Reuters.

He went through a while with Long in an Atlanta shelter named Maverick Recovery for recuperating addicts. He further clarified that Long was recuperating from his sex dependence. Be that as it may, he’d as often as possible backslide to his old ways and would turn out to be sincerely distressed a short time later for his express sexual exercises.

Name Tyler Bayless
Age 35
Gender Male
Nationality American
Married/Single Single
Education Georgia Perimeter College

As of now, Tyler Bayless’ age is 35 years of age. No other data is accessible about his own life, however. In this way, it is uncertain on the off chance that he is single or hitched right now. Further, he moved on from the Georgia Perimeter College, according to his Linkedin bio.  Robert Aaron Long is the sentenced killer and shooter in the shootings in the Atlanta region.

As per USA Today, Long terminated at Young’s Asian Massage Parlors and killed four individuals in the shooting while at the same time leaving the fifth one seriously harmed. Thereafter, he drove down to Gold Spa and Aromatherapy Spa and slaughtered four additional individuals.

It is accounted for that Long admitted to the shooting and murders. Notwithstanding, it was not the disdain wrongdoing as many have estimated because of the contribution of Asian casualties. All things considered, it was affected by his sex habit. He conceded that he was a sex fanatic and had been treated for something very similar. However, he would visit the spas for express sexual action.