Ubi Franklin’s baby mama, Sandra Iheuwa reveals how to get justice few days after crying for help

Business visionary and child mother of Ubi Franklin, Sandra Iheuwa, has uncovered how to get equity a couple of days after she sobbed for help via online entertainment.

The questionable twit took her Insta story to regret the country’s unfairness rate and the method for getting equity.


Sandra Iheuwa guaranteed equity must be served through cash, expressing it stops a ton of babble.

She composed: If you need to get equity in this nation, simply have cash… it stops a ton of garbage.

Kemi Filani reviews that Sandra Iheuwa sobbed for help over the risks approaching on her and her child kid.

The mother of three uncovered that she has been getting demise dangers and messages concerning her life and that of her child.

Sandra Iheuwa She asked Nigerians to keep her in their requests, uncovering that she shared the news via web-based entertainment on the off chance that anything happened to her or her child.

She composed: If you genuinely love me on this application, right now is an ideal opportunity that I really want you all to appeal to God for me since I and my child’s life are in harm’s way. I continue to receive messages that I and my child will die regardless of whether anybody will wish me passing what did my honest child do to them ALL I NEED NOW IS YOUR PRAYERS Let me drop this here in the event that anything happens to me or potentially my child

Kemi Filani likewise announced that Sandra Iheuwa vowed not to have kids after her third kid.

The mother of three made this statement when she was vigorously pregnant with her third kid and keeping in mind that her most memorable kid, Bella, turned into a youngster.

She stated, “It’s difficult bringing up kids without help from anyone else o, yet I’m thankful for my 13 yrs old Bella (Chai, She’s presently a youngster o), my 7 yrs old Gabby, my 3 yrs old Ari Pumpkin and presently my approaching newborn. I need to take them holiday throughout the mid year they are yelling Dubai yet I’m thinking about the United Kingdom there’s such a lot of history there in the wake of watching “The Last Kingdom” and “Viking Valhalla” what nation is for extraordinary summer excursion for youngsters?”