Ukraine President Zelensky says nuclear war ‘could be a reality’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky cautioned Sunday atomic conflict “could be a reality” as Russia slopes up progressively unpropitious saber-shaking dangers.

“He needs to frighten the entire world,” Zelensky said of Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting on CBS’ “Face The Country.”

“See, perhaps yesterday it was feign. Presently, it very well may be a reality,” he said of a potential atomic strike seven months into the conflict — blaming the Kremlin for “atomic shakedown.”

“He focused on and involved our thermal energy station and the city of Enerhodar. This atomic station has six blocks. Also… he proceeds with his extortion connected with us sending out power to Europe.”

Zelensky said Russian soldiers as of late begun taking shots at an alternate power plant, Pivdenna, and that a rocket hit a region around 330 yards from it.

“I don’t believe he’s feigning,” he said. “I think the world is stopping it and containing this danger. We really want to continue to come down on him and not permit him to proceed.”

The remarks came as the pioneer swore Russian soldiers who give up will be treated in a “humanized way.”

“You will be treated in an enlightened way … nobody will know the conditions of your acquiescence,” the Ukrainian chief expressed, talking in Russian during a location to the country late Saturday,.

Putin marked a bill passed by the Russian parliament last week that rebuffs soldiers who desert or willfully give up, or who resist orders to battle, with 10 years in jail; it likewise climbs the punishment for wartime plundering to 15 years.

The Kremlin chief took steps to utilize “every one of the means available to us” to safeguard Russia in a conflict it sent off against Ukraine on Feb. 24 during a declaration that upwards of 300,000 reservists would be called up to battle.

Russian President Vladimir Putin talks during a news gathering following the Shanghai Collaboration Association (SCO) highest point in Samarkand, Uzbekistan September 16, 2022.
“He needs to terrify the entire world,” Zelensky said of Russian President Vladimir Putin.