Unique Salonga Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Who, Nationality, Biography

Special Salonga also known as Unique Torralba Salonga is a Filipino melodic craftsman and vocalist lyricist. He has been moving via online media and moving on the web after he was claimed of being a custodian by different individuals.

The performer began his profession in the music business as the frontman and singer of the band IV of Spades yet later sought after a performance vocation subsequent to severing the band.

Extraordinary delivered his performance debut melody named Midnight Sky in the year 2018 and delivered his presentation collection, Grandma, that very year with O/C Records of VIVA. He delivered his subsequent collection named PANGALAN: in the year 2020.

Allow us to become familiar with Unique Salonga and investigate his charges and age.

Birth name Unique Torralba Salonga
Born April 26, 2000 (age 21)
Manila, Philippines
  • Pinoy rock
  • psychedelic rock
  • experimental
  • Musician
  • Songwriter
  • Director
  • Vocals
  • Guitar
  • Keyboards/Synths
Years active 2014–present
  • O/C Records
Associated acts IV of Spades

One of a kind Salonga is being reputed to be a custodian and has been wrecked of preparing charges on the web as of late.

The vocalist has never affirmed or denied the claims as of now, his fans and adherents are likewise protecting the artist via online media and requesting the confirmation and casualty as there has not been one on a superficial level yet.

He purportedly constrained a 15-year-old fan to get together as per a Facebook post and individuals have been going wild on the web after the issue showed up on Facebook and Twitter.

Notwithstanding, as of now, there isn’t a lot of data on the web, and data about specialists engaging for the situation and examinations has additionally not risen to the top.

One of a kind Salonga has not presented his better half or accomplice on the web or to the overall population yet.

Indeed, the vocalist has never referenced his relationship status on the web yet. Different online sites presume the vocalist is single right now.

The Philipino artist may be attempting to focus on his profession and make a big name for himself as of now, or he might be trusting that the ideal woman will come into his life as of now.

These vocalists and famous people will in general keep their relationship status hidden and away from the public’s eyes. He could be dating his first love and staying quiet about it as of now.

Exceptional Salonga’s genuine age is 21 years of age, he was born in the year 2000 as per his Wikipedia profile.

Also, the cyclist praises his birthday on April 23 consistently. He is showered with wishes and gifts by his loved ones on his birthday consistently.

As indicated by his genuine date of birth, Unique has gained Taurus as his zodiac sign.

Making expectations about his character dependent on his zodiac sign, individuals with Taurus as their zodiac sign will in general be patient and consistent.