User @elissakimm made a racist claim on TikTok about Real Housewives’ star Sutton Stracke.

In the wake of being blamed for prejudice, Sutton Stracke has drawn in the consideration of people in general. Truth be told, @elissakimm uncovered the Real Housewives star in a TikTok video.

Sutton Stracke was born on September 20, 1971, and is an American socialite and TV character. She is a cast individual from Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reality program.

Sutton Stracke, a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) star, was rebuked for her repulsive way of behaving when a young lady claimed bigotry toward her in a video. In a now-erased TikTok, the previous best bud of Sutton’s girl shared the ideal hot tub scene she envisioned to her co-star, Crystal Kung Minkoff.

The Racism of Sutton Stracke: A TikTok Video Exposes the Real Housewives Star A young lady professes to be one of the people highlighted in the pool story at the core of the debate between Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Sutton Stracke and Crystal King Minkoff in a since-erased TikTok video. The lady, who professed to be Sutton’s girl’s close buddy, supposedly cut attaches with her buddy when the truth star purportedly became bigot against her.

Moreover, watchers know that a storyline from last season was revived when Crystal implied a “hazardous” discussion she had with Sutton when the cast was holiday in Lake Tahoe. On the off chance that you missed this season’s theatrics, Sutton said that her white kid was with Black females there, and that a Chinese young lady was in the Jacuzzi with her little girl.

What Did Elissa Kim Have To Say? Who Is Elissa Kim And What Did She Say? Sutton Stracke’s child is companions with Elissa Kim, a youthful TikTok superstar. She as of late unveiled that Sutton was bigoted against her, as recently expressed.

In light of @elissakimm’s remarks about Sutton, she expressed that she disavowed her 5-year-old BFF in light of the fact that her mom was bigoted to her, and presently her closest companion’s mom, the genuine housewife, is being called out for being bigoted.

She likewise utilized Elissa’s photographs to show that her white youngster had a Chinese pal on TV. She further explained that she isn’t of Chinese family. Elissa Kim’s craving to “cut off” a relationship in view of her companion’s purportedly bigoted mother makes me puzzle over whether “dull” was the legitimate portrayal from the beginning.

Wikipedia Information On Sutton Stracke’s Age Sutton Stracke experienced childhood in Augusta, Georgia, prior to moving to New York City in her mid twenties to seek after her fantasy about being an artist. She filled in as a partner head of improvement responsible for gathering pledges at the Merce Cunningham Dance Foundation in New York.

Stracke previously showed up on The Real Ladies of Beverly Hills in season 10 as a common person known as a “companion of the housewives,” however by the 11th season, she had been moved up to a full-time cast part. She was once viewed as one of the top party has in the United States. She is the proprietor of a design shop.