“Victim tears”: 1000-Lb. Best Friends fans slam Ashley for storming out of Dr. Procter’s clinic

Tender loving care broadcasted 1000-Lb. Dearest companions season 2 episode 2, named The Weigh-In Is the Hardest Part, on Wednesday, January 11 at 10 pm ET.

In the episode, Meghan was seen blowing up at her companions when they requested that she gauge herself. She had not gone to Dr. Charles Procter or gauged herself in a half year and her companions were worried that she could have put on some weight.


Meghan at first stomped off yet gotten back later. She weighed 315.2 pounds and had acquired just about 12 pounds over the most recent a half year. After a great deal of persuading, Meghan at long last went to Dr. Charles’ facility and had a complete implosion.

Meghan was disturbed that Dr. Procter had told her that she could try and die on the off chance that she didn’t deal with her weight in their last arrangement.

In the episode, Meghan admitted that the explanation felt like he was considering her a “disappointment.” Dr. Procter attempted to make sense of for Meghan that terrible 200 pounds after her medical procedure was amazing. Meghan conceded that a portion of the things said by Dr. Procter were setting off for her, yet the specialist thusly inquired as to whether she had taken a solitary subsequent arrangement after the medical procedure.

She attempted to nail the fault to Dr. Procter, expressing that she got no call from the facility. Dr. Procter inquired as to whether she had followed the program and eaten right, yet she would not reply.

Dr. Procter felt that Meghan could undoubtedly get impacted and be floated out of the program. In the wake of requesting that she take possession, Dr. Procter said that he wouldn’t shout at her on the off chance that she didn’t follow the program.

Dr. Charles grinned in the wake of hearing Meghan say “no.” She stomped out of the facility after the occurrence and charged Dr. Procter of not caring how she felt.

1000-Lb. Closest companions fans felt that Meghan was phony crying and that Dr. Procter was simply tell the truth.

1000-Lb. Closest companions fans hammer Meghan for not getting a sense of ownership with her weight

Beyond the center, Meghan said that the specialist grinned like it was anything but a major ordeal when she spilled her guts to him. Notwithstanding, she would not pay attention to the specialist’s thinking and left without finishing her meeting.

1000-Lb. Closest companions fans hammered Meghan for having one more implosion at the specialist’s facility and said that Dr. Procter was simply attempting to help her. Attention’s depiction of the episode, named We’re Back (The Weight Is Finished), peruses:

“Our number one fat dearest companions are back. Vannessa uncovers her post-medical procedure body while Meghan battles with slowed down weight reduction. Ashley desires to get a medical procedure and makes diaries to assist with keeping focused, however it gets tossed right in front of her. Tina’s home floods.”

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Keep going week on 1000-Lb. Dearest companions, the four companions went to the skating arena yet couldn’t skate in light of their weight. Meghan asked her companions not to express anything about Dr. Procter’s health improvement plan as she was disappointed with it.

Vanessa, who lost a ton of weight, requested that Meghan go with her yet she rejected. Vanessa requested that Meghan step on the weighing machine however the last option created a situation and shouted at her companions prior to stomping out.

Attention airs new episodes of 1000-Lb. Closest companions each Wednesday at 10 pm ET.