Video Creator Coins A New Term Chromohydrophobic, What Is The Meaning Behind It?


Chromohydrophobic implies fear of brilliant beverages. As we probably are aware, a fear is an extremely consistent, wild feeling of dread toward a specific item, spot, or movement. A portion of the fears are claustrophobia, katagelophobia, aviophobia, and so on.

One of the fears is Chromohydrophobic and it is an exceptional kind of fear according to the video maker, @doodledoodledavey.

The term ‘Chromohydrophobic’ is a mix of two particular sorts of fears which is Chromophobia and hydrophobic where chromophobia implies dread of varieties that are consistent and preposterous and Hydrophobia implies dread of water which is mental trepidation.

What Is Going on with Chromohydrophobic? As indicated by a video maker on Tiktok with the username @doodledoodledavey, Chromohydrophobic implies dread of drinking beautiful beverages.

The video maker said in the remark segment that for the people who are interested about the fear it is really evident as he has forever feared drinking something besides water.

In addition, in his video, he said that something besides water resembles messy water to him and it’s hard to drink.

The word ‘Chrom’ is a Latin word that implies tone while ‘Hydrophobic’ signifies dread of water. The blend of words itself enlightens a ton regarding the fear the video maker is having.

In the viral video the video maker made, he will not drink the vivid beverage, and his analysis seems, by all accounts, to be confounding as there isn’t quite made sense of. Nonetheless, the term aquaphobic is most normally used to make sense of the feeling of dread toward water than hydrophobic which is because of the way that hydrophobic is a Biological expression and other science which makes sense of that repulses or opposes water, like oil.

‘Chromohydophobic’ term doesn’t exist. It is authored by the video maker in Tiktok to portray the trepidation or fear he is having of polishing off vivid beverages. Nonetheless, the beginning of the term is at this point unclear.

New Claims Of Chromohydrophobic In The Video Creator Video The video maker in Tiktok, @doodledoodledavey has transferred two recordings where he makes sense of his fear and has acquired drenched supporters of more than 47k with the video. His most memorable video is about his determination, Chromohydrophobia clarification, and tasting the beverages other than water interestingly.

@doodledoodledavey Reply to @ttr.125 What should I endure next? #vodka #water #funny #fyp ♬ original sound – doodledoodledavey

Davey AKA @doodledoodleavey says that he has chromohydrophobic in the video and has never at any point drank a taste in the lifetime of the bright beverages as found in the trial. After which he drinks the beverage like Gatorade, Fanta, Lemonade, Mountain Dew, Dr. Peppe, and a blue slushie.

The reaction of the people who hasn’t drank any beverages other than water or milk in a lifetime was regular and he evaluated zero for the majority of the beverages and less for Dr. Pepper. Because of his fear, we can see him making unlikeable looks. Besides, we can see him cleaning his teeth to eliminate the hints of the relative multitude of beverages he recently tasted.

In the wake of seeing the video, the greater part of his devotees proposed that he drink non-beautiful vodka or beverages accessible to watch his response which video he delivered two days prior. He tasted that non-brilliant vodka without precedent for his life. A greater amount of his supporters mentioned him to transfer all the more such difficulties to see his response and assist him with moving past his fear.