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Vincent Choy Cheung, a 27 years of age man, was taken into police care after a few verifications against him. The person killed Tom and Wong, expertly associated with the melodic area.

The bodies of the music educators were tended to by their understudies, cut a few times with a blade. Tom Whitney and Lawrence Wong, of 60 and 51 years, were recently infatuated with one another when they died.

They were together after Tom said a final farewell to Choy a couple of months prior. The uneven sweetheart was fixated on seeing them dead and arranged the homicide at their place.

In 2003, Vincent Choy Cheung was accused of the principal degree murder of two blameless men driving him to confront long lasting detainment. So he should be in jail as of now.

What’s more, there was no chance of parole.

The orange country criminal investigators found new and strong evidence of the Larry Wong Murder case. At Choy’s place, the schedule was marked farewell on the 27th of July, which is a similar date as the homicide.

Despite the fact that he admitted that he was going to self destruction on the date, the reason was not commendable. The disclosure of in excess of 100 love letters and cards composed by Choy totally eased up the case.

The case was at long last uncovered to involve psycho love executioner.

Vincent Choy Cheung was 27 years of age in 1999. He needs to confront 4 months detainment in 2000 for the robbery allegations. Again in 2003, subsequent to having the whole evidence against him, he went for long lasting detainment.

He presently turns out to be at the time of around 50 years of age in 2021. Choy was a fixated gay darling who couldn’t endure seeing his affection with another person.

As a calling, he filled in as an entertainer and a side work.

Vincent Choy Cheung’s family is obscure. Yet, one of the casualty’s relatives, i.e., Wong’s sister, perceived Choy for being the consideration purchaser. He was first taken into police care for intruding the illegal homicide region.

Subsequent to cutting his ex-sweetheart and the other man in excess of multiple times every, he made an impression on his companion tending to “I Did It.”