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Vinson is an American previous development laborer. He is accused of hijacking and assaulting a 14 years of age young lady. Filyaw captured Elizabeth Shoaf when she was getting back from school.

The casualty Elizabeth was kept in an underground dugout simply a pretty far from her home. She was stripped and assaulted commonly in 10 days. When she was tied in chains and was assaulted a few times.

Vinson Filyaw was not hitched. He was single at the time he was captured. His previous sweetheart assists the police with discovering the shelter area. They began to date in May 2005. As per her, her separation with Vinson was she saw him mistouching a young lady.

Name Vinson Filyaw
Born December 15, 1969
Died May 3, 2021 (aged 51)
Occupation Construction worker
Criminal status Incarcerated
Criminal penalty 421 years
Capture status
Imprisoned at Kirkland Correctional Institution, 2007

His previous sweetheart saw the information on him and went to the police to assist them with finding him. She knew the underground shelter where he kept Elizabeth Shoaf. Vinson’s family subtleties are as yet unclear.

The police have not revealed his family detail. His mom, Ginger Cobb, was charged for supporting her child. In her child, Vinson runs from the police. She is blamed for aiding him by giving food and different things.

Cobb said she hadn’t reached her child, however her telephone recorded showed their calls during his run. The police think she helped her child in the entire run. Vinson Filyaw’s reason for death is as yet unclear. He died on 3 May 2021 in jail. He was serving 421 years in jail for abduct and assaulting a youngster. Vinson died at 51 years old years.