Violence Erupts in Mexico After Arrest of Ovidio Guzmán, Son of Notorious Drug Lord ‘El Chapo’


Brutality has emitted all through the Mexican province of Sinaloa following the capture of Ovidio Guzmán, the child of infamous medication master Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán.

Portrayed as “a high-positioning individual from the Sinaloa Cartel” by the U.S. State Office, Guzmán was captured Thursday in the state capital Culiacan, announced the Related Press.

He was subsequently moved to Mexico City, Guard Clergyman Luis Cresencio Sandoval told columnists, per Time.

Guzmán — nicknamed “the Mouse” — was recently captured by government experts in October 2019, and later delivered on the sets of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, CNN detailed.

His capture was made only days before López Obrador is because of host President Joe Biden in Mexico in front of their North American Pioneers’ Highest point with Canadian Head of the state Justin Trudeau, as per the AP. “This is a huge disaster for the Sinaloa cartel and significant triumph for law and order. It will not, nonetheless, hinder the progression of medications into the U.S.” Mike Vigil, the DEA’s previous Head of Worldwide Activities, said, per the power source. “Ideally, Mexico will remove him to the U.S.”

After Guzmán’s capture, brutality including shootings and plundering was accounted for by neighborhood media, with one cop killed and 27 others harmed, as per Time.

The vast majority of those harmed were police and individuals from the military, Ruben Rocha Moya, legislative leader of Sinaloa, told Radio Recipe, per the power source.

Detours were likewise set up by gangsters, who put a match to vehicles and went after a neighborhood air terminal, the BBC added.

In excess of 100 flights were dropped at three Sinaloa air terminals, the BBC proceeded, and two planes were hit by gunfire, including one while getting ready to take off.

Guzmán’s dad is presently carrying out a day to day existence punishment in the U.S. after he was seen as blameworthy in 2019 of medication dealing and illegal tax avoidance.