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Skipper Walter Biot got captured for giving over significant records to the Russian ambassadors. Here is the thing that we know so far about the Captain and the case. Walter Biot is the Italian Navy Captain who faces the Russian Spy charges.

Walter and the Russian international safe haven authorities were at the vehicle leave when they got captured. Among the traded reports, a few documents raised security dangers for the country.

Biot took the $5,900 or 5000 euros in return for top-cryptic archives. The public authority uncovered that Walter is in care yet didn’t uncover the name of his legal counselor. Commander Walter Biot is an Italian Navy Captain. Walter Biot’s estimated time of arrival is 54 years.

Biot was working at the safeguard service division as the frigate commander. Walter’s work included overseeing relations with the partners of Italy and making public safety arrangements. Walter recently worked for the Ministry’s outside relations unit, reports The Star.

Walter’s identity is Italian, and his nationality is by all accounts Caucasian. Skipper Walter Biot got captured on March 30, 2021. Two Russian government office authorities got removed, while the commander was captured with the charges of wrongdoings in regards to spies and state security.

As indicated by the NPR, Walter is confronting a fine and more than ten years in prison. Rome likewise thought to be an open city as a convergence of global knowledge and interest. On Tuesday evening, Captain Walter Biot was found giving over significant mystery archives and data to the Russian representatives.

Walter Biot purportedly took cash for the trade. Just one of the Russian authorities was engaged with the scene got uncovered. Unfamiliar Minister Luigi Di Maio is yet to uncover the part of the second Russian authority.

Commander Walter Biot’s better half has not turned out openly. The Italian government is yet to uncover any data about Walter Biot’s family and kids to people in general. Biot’s familia may before long unveil a remark in regards to his capture.