Warwick High School Principle Jason Michael Taylor Arrested On Sex Crimes Against Children, Where Is He Now?


The activities partner head at Warwick Secondary School was captured Wednesday for sex wrongdoings against youngsters.

Warwick Secondary School is a public secondary school in Newport News, Virginia. Warwick is the city’s most established secondary school and has housed the Newport News Community for the Worldwide Baccalaureate program beginning around 1995.


Jason Michael Taylor filled in as the activities colleague head at Warwick Secondary School. Warwick Secondary School Guideline: Why Is Jason Michael Taylor Captured As per online court records, Jason Michael Taylor, 45, was confined on Wednesday on accuses of revolting demonstrations of kids, six counts of homosexuality, and one count of effective assault.

As indicated by court records, these energizes were brought somewhere in the range of 2015 and 2017. Jason Michael, the activities right hand head at Warwick Secondary School, was kept on Wednesday for sex wrongdoings against kids.

Authorities are attempting to figure out additional data about the allegations and Taylor’s trial.

Where Could Jason Michael Taylor Currently be? Jason Michael Taylor has been captured, and his capture charges have not been concluded at this point since the authorities are attempting to find out about the allegations.

The names and individual data of the youngsters and their folks have not been uncovered for protection purposes.

Warwick Secondary Teachers Charged In 2021 As per court reports, three more metropolitan police divisions have recorded charges against a Warwick Secondary School staff for supposedly captivating in sexual demonstrations with one of his understudies north of a two-year time frame.

Todd N. Sheerer, 3471 Coronet Ave., was accused of debasement of minors by police in Manheim and Lititz wards and Penn Municipality on Monday for supposedly including in sex acts with a female understudy, presently 17, from January 2006 to this month.

Sheerer, 29, was accused of defilement of minors by police in Warwick and Manheim municipalities on Friday for supposedly captivating in sex acts with the young lady inside his game utility vehicle at different areas.

As per capture sworn statements, the staff, and the young lady, who is an individual from the secondary school band, were engaged with sexual demonstrations in his vehicle in Manheim and Penn municipalities, as well as in the band room of Warwick Secondary School in Lititz.

Since she is a minor, the young lady’s personality has not been uncovered. Sheerer’s classes have had a substitute instructor since January 21, 2021.

Administrator John George of the Warwick School Region dismissed to remark on Sheerer’s business status or whether the locale has sent off an inward examination concerning the claims.

Merrill Spahn, Sheerer’s lawyer, didn’t promptly return a call from a correspondent looking for input.

The young lady told Lititz police Sheerer would meet her in the secondary school’s band room, and behind the stage closet evolving region, where they would kiss and Sheerer would stroke her bosoms, as per a capture sworn statement documented Monday.

As indicated by the affirmation, Sheerer advised the young lady to wear specific dress to school and lifted up her shirt or skirt inside the band room.

As per the oath, those acts happened various times more than a two-year term between January 2006 and January 2008. Sheerer is likewise blamed for having sexual relations with the young lady in his SUV while it was stopped in Warwick Municipality at an eatery, a quarry, and an auto mechanics shop.

Sheerer is the subsequent Warwick staff to be charged lately corresponding to supposed sexual contact with a Warwick understudy.

Troy R. May, a previous young ladies’ ball and softball trainer, was condemned to 812 to 30 years in jail in 2005 in the wake of confessing to rape and different charges established in his 2003 relationship with a 15-year-old b-ball player.