Was Actor Nanamhla Dalasile Arrested on Theft Charges?


Pictures of South African entertainer Nanamhla Salasile in confinement following the capture for a robbery report have been coursed all around the web and virtual entertainment. Find out about the Durban Gen entertainer.

Nanamhla Salasile is certainly not an obscure name as she has highlighted in the ETV’s Durban Gen. Her co-entertainer Tebatso Mashishi from Muvhango has been faulted for the burglary lead by the entertainer. Nanamhla has a background marked by struggle and contentions with the man she had recently dated. Salasile was the ex of Muvhango entertainer Tebatso Mashishi and the pair had a disturbance or turbulent relationship before.


The current allegation can simply be accused to publicity one’s persona or a genuine wrongdoing report, the validness of the report is as yet easy to refute. According to a police representative, entertainer Mashishi was kept for his activities and was captured by Gauteng Provincial Police. He is set to show up in the court soon and his crook accusations will be examined and broke down relying upon all gave declarations and obvious evidence.

Nanamhla Dalasile Pictures and Theft Charges Explained A couple of capture pictures of entertainer Tabatso Mashishi and his ex Nanamhla Dalasile in confinement have been shared over the web yet the genuine legitimacy of these contents is as yet questionable. Nanamhla Dalasile charged her ex and her current co-star at Muvhango, Tebatso took her PC from the set.

The entertainer was recently engaged with many such quarrels with her past accomplices and accordingly this fault has been profoundly discussed. The case got more insane after a recorded report subtleties surfaced on the web. Nanamhla Dalasile was recently announced by entertainer Tebatso as she was imperiling his actual life. The entertainer documented a police grievance and had a defensive request against her after their concise separation.

Was Actress Nanamhla Dalasile Arrested On Theft Charges? Entertainer Nanamhla Dalasile’s ex Tabatso Mashishi has been captured for starting burglary charges according to the Gauteng Provincial Police report. Nanamhla has faulted Tabatso for her last PC from the arrangement of the program.

The fault came a very long time after the pair isolated and began living independently and alone. They had a heartfelt love hurl in 2020 however things went filthy and crazy and consequently Tabatso documented a grievance against the rash activities of his accomplice Nanamhla. A security request was given and things were getting somewhat more turbulent. The two fostered areas of strength for an against one another and communicated open contempt over the relationship.

Nanamhla Dalasile’s Wiki Details Revealed Nanamhla Dalasile is an entertainer who was a lead cast of the Durban Gen show and she arrived at a higher popularity level from the progress of that program. Dalasile was not known to each audience before her job started in the renowned clinical dramatization show of Durban.

She has been in weighty contentions over the course of the last a long time as every one of her connections wound up in a somewhat revolting manner, loaded up with troubles and demanding cost. She was almost captured for her rash activities after the separation with Tabatso. After a year, she recorded a burglary charge report against a similar man and the case is right now been examined.