Was Ana Walshe having an affair? Brian Walshe checked wife’s friend’s Instagram, hired private investigators

Brian suspected Ana of infidelity earlier than her demise
Ana become planning to leave Brian before her disappearance
Evidence suggests Brian killed and dismembered Ana

A guy from Cohasset, Massachusetts, named Brian Walshe, was indicted for the homicide of his wife, Ana Walshe, in January. Court files released on Thursday found out that Brian suspected his spouse changed into having an affair. He allegedly accessed the Instagram web page of certainly one of Ana’s male buddies from Washington, D.C. More than one instances. Prosecutors claimed in the course of Brian’s arraignment that he and his mother employed a personal investigator to surveil Ana for the motive of proving infidelity.


Newly released court files additionally show that Ana had a meeting with a chum on December 28, at some stage in which she have become emotional and organized to depart her husband due to the fact she believed he become going to be incarcerated for federal fraud fees. Brian’s legal professional, Tracy Miner, denied that her client suspected his spouse of infidelity and that his mother employed a non-public investigator.

Ana turned into ultimate visible alive through a person outdoor the own family on New Year’s Day while a pal attended a dinner with the couple at their domestic. Although her body has no longer been located, non-public items and DNA evidence placed at a transfer station in Peabody imply that Brian killed, dismembered, and discarded her frame elements.

Prosecutors allege that Brian disposed of Ana’s belongings in a dumpster, which included a Hermes watch and rugs constant with those that were inside the couple’s domestic. Two knives and eight purple and brown stains that to begin with tested effective for the presence of blood have been additionally located within the couple’s basement. Blood became also observed in Brian’s SUV.

During Brian’s preliminary courtroom appearance, prosecutors revealed that he made grisly net searches on his son’s iPad, such as: “Can you be charged with murder with out a frame?”; “How to prevent a body from decomposing”; “Can you discover a body with damaged tooth?”; and “Hacksaw exceptional tool to dismember?” The defense stated that the prosecution has now not observed a homicide weapon or indicated how Ana died.

Brian entered not guilty pleas and was held with out bail. Ana, a 39-12 months-antique mom of three, was reported missing via her company on January 4. Brian told investigators he hadn’t seen his spouse seeing that she left for Logan International Airport on January 1. A conviction of murder within the first degree consists of a mandatory sentence of existence in jail with out the opportunity of parole in Massachusetts.

Apart from this case, Brian Walshe turned into in court ultimate week for a separate issue associated with his deceased father’s will and estate. The case has received global interest considering that Ana’s disappearance, and the prosecution is anticipated to offer more evidence at the upcoming trial.