Was Cameron Robbins killed by a shark? Video shows figure in water moments after high school baseball star jumped from cruise

A 18-year-old kid distinguished as Cameron Robbins leaped off the Blackbeard’s nightfall voyage transport close to Athol Island, Bahamas
The video of the occurrence circulated around the web and drew the consideration of numerous web clients
A few clients said Robbins has been killed by a shark

A 18-year-old kid recognized as Cameron Robbins leaped off the Blackbeard’s nightfall journey transport close to Athol Island, Bahamas on Wednesday. Robbins was praising his secondary school graduation and leaped off the boat for a challenge.


A video of the episode became a web sensation where a shadowy, picture caught in waters encompassing Cameron Robbins, a Louisiana baseball star leaped off a party, and the US coast watch was canceled the pursuit following two days.

Expectations of Robbins are being seen swimming in the water while a daily existence preserver is tossed to him and cohorts advise him to get on. In any case, the juvenile seems, by all accounts, to be focused on a shadowy shape that shows up in the water and promptly starts swimming endlessly.

The video has ignited web-based hypothesis that Robbins died in the wake of being gone after by a shark. Individuals have guaranteed that they can see a shark in the video.

As the video circulated around the web, numerous virtual entertainment clients imparted their insights on the stage. One client responding to the site stated, “The video doesn’t lie, he was gone after by a shark and taken under.”

As indicated by witnesses, Robbins bounced over the edge from the Blackbeard’s Retribution nightfall journey transport at 11.30 p.m. on a challenge.

US Coast Gatekeeper in an explanation said, “Our Coast Watchman war room and aircrews situated in Miami upheld RBDF search and salvage endeavors since the underlying report Wednesday night, and went on through Friday night”.

Commodore Raymond Lord in a proclamation said, “The likelihood of endurance diminishes fundamentally especially in the event that an individual didn’t have on a daily existence vest and especially assuming that an individual is seen to be inebriated.

‘I can let you know that region where an individual purportedly gotten around, a region is truly shark-swarmed also. It is so lamentable however I don’t believe that the family should lose trust.”