Was James Burk ATF Arrested? Charges And Past Crime Records And Tased By Colombian Police


ATF specialist James Burk was moving after he uncovered verification of police misconduct and documented a grumbling against them.

Officials from the Columbus Police Department tased and captured ATF Agent James Burk after he resisted orders.


The grievance is connected with an occasion on July 7, 2020, in which ATF specialist James Burk guarantees that two Columbus Police officials tased and captured him as he endeavored to perform official responsibilities.

Was James Burk ATF Arrested? James Burk, an ATF specialist, was taken nabbed and tased by two cops in Columbus, Ohio. James Burk was tased and captured by Columbus Police after he denied orders.

Burk says the episode happened while he was dealing with a normal task. As per the claim, Burk attempted to find an unlawful shotgun wearing “easygoing expert” garments.

At the point when ATF Agent Burk declined requests to give distinguishing proof or “get on the ground,” Officer Fihe, who had shown up first, was shown pulling his handgun on him on the video.

At the point when Officer Winchell came, he immediately drew on Agent Burk. ATF Agent Burk was simply cuffed on one wrist when Columbus Officer Joseph Fihe delivered his taser.

Burk was then tased by Officer Fihe, permitting them to get done with binding him and taking his rifle. Official Fihe got Agent Burk’s gun and put it on the front scramble as Burk kept on contending from the secondary lounge of the squad car.

Official Fihe talked with the one who at first dialed 911 about ATF specialist Burk, who had purportedly shown up at her home unannounced to circle back to a shotgun buy and requested confirmation.

James Burk was captured in 2015 for supposedly taking $200 worth of wine from a Kroger store in Landen, Ohio, as it was being gotten on camera. ATF Agent Tased By Colombian Police: What Are His Charges? James Burk, an ATF specialist, claims that while endeavoring to perform official responsibilities, two Columbus Police officials tased and kept him.

As indicated by the claim, Burk was attempting to hold onto a weapon being held illicitly. For this situation, Burk asserts the two pointed their firearms at him, messed him up, tased him, and afterward bound him before at last actually taking a look at his qualifications despite the fact that he had his hands up and had certifications in his pocket. Burk was then detained for almost an hour by the cops subsequent to being constrained into the back seat of a squad car.

James Burk was arraigned by the Warren County Sheriff’s Office in 2015 for taking more than $200 worth of wine from the Landen Kroger. Delegates expressed that in August, they noticed Burk utilizing the self-checkout and paid $19 for four containers of wine worth $222.

Where Could James Burk Now be? For the beyond 16 years, James Burk has been utilized with the association. He works at the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Bureau. As per a government grumbling, two Columbus cops are blamed for utilizing their, influential places against the being scrutinized specialist. A government specialist is the person who documented the objection.

On July 7, 2021, he asserted before the adjudicator that he was partaking in “standard” action. He went to a house in the 3300 block of Edgebrook Drive close to Dublin in the early evening of that day to take a shotgun from somebody who was not permitted to have a weapon in their control.

Burk was professed to have been dressed enough for the position he held by wearing business easygoing clothing, keeping his accreditations in his pocket, and wearing an ID card around his neck, as per the common activity.