Was Jill Dando Wrongly Killed and Where Is Gerald Marie’s Accuser Lisa Brinkworth Today?

Lisa Brinkworth, age 55, is at present in France lobbying for the increment of as far as possible for rapes to 30 years for all ages. As per surprising cases in the sensationalist newspapers, Gerald Marie, 72, who is accused of many counts of rape, recruited a Russian hired gunman to kill moderator Lisa Brinkworth after she uncover him.

Notwithstanding, it was Jill Dando who was killed in West London’s Fulham in 1999. In spite of the fact that stalker Barry George was at first viewed as blameworthy in 2001, he was subsequently announced honest, and the case is still being scrutinized.


Given the undeniable equals in Dando’s and Brinkworth’s occupations and appearances, as well as the way that they lived in similar area of London, attorneys battle that the professional killer might have mistaken Miss Dando for the certifiable objective.

Where Could Lisa Brinkworth Today be? With the assistance of French representatives and an individual from the European Parliament, Lisa Brinkworth is by and by in France pushing for the expansion of the ongoing revealing breaking point for sex offenses to 30 years for all ages.

The 55-year-old cases that Gérald Marie, the previous European top of the displaying organization Elite, attacked her while she was taking on the appearance of a model for the BBC’s Donal McIntyre Investigates series in 1998.

She recorded a period stepped video the night of the supposed rape in Milan in October 1998 in which she guaranteed what unfolded and how it affected her “disregarded.”

Because of the arrangement made among BBC and Elite Models, the video reporting the sexual assault against her has not yet been given to her or the specialists.

Columnist Lisa Brinkworth Wikipedia Lisa Brinkworth is a columnist who went secret to narrative sex offenses in the design business for a BBC narrative close by writer Donal MacIntyre in 1998. Brinkworth isn’t recorded on Wikipedia as of now.

She was 31 years of age and living in Milan as a model secret for the MacIntyre Undercover series at that point, gathering evidence of ill-advised conduct by model specialists.

Days after Milan Fashion Week, on October 5, Lisa found a 17-year-old Elite model in trouble since her office Gerald Marie had demanded she go with him for supper again.

At the café, Lisa got a mandate from Marie to perform fellatio on his collaborators. She welcomed Donal MacIntyre, a covert associate, to meet her at the eatery since she felt perilous.

He showed up to find Marie and different men gone, off to a close by honorable men’s club. Donal and Lisa followed him there and started recording him.

Shockingly, Lisa was ridden by Marie as he moved toward her seat, mirroring intercourse by over and over squeezing his erect penis against her lower midsection.

Gerald Marie’s Assault Case Update The examination concerning Gerald Marie’s supposed assault and sexual maltreatment was unveiled by French experts in September 2020.

Marie has fervently discredited the claims, which were brought by Lisa and right now incorporate 13 different ladies, four of whom are British. They guarantee to have been attacked between the last part of the 1970s and 1990s.

Lisa claims that Maire purportedly stuck her to a seat and attacked her physically at a man of honor’s club. Numerous people, including her associate Donal MacIntyre, saw the episode.

She later caught her account of the attack on camera yet selected not to call the police. The correspondent had gotten a notification not to record a report since doing so would have finished the examination.

World class Models sued the BBC for deception following the narrative’s November 1999 transmission.

A private understanding was arranged, as a component of which the BBC consented to at absolutely no point in the future broadcast the program. The BBC likewise educated Lisa that the settlement understanding prohibited it from giving her admittance to any recording.