Was John Regan Arrested For Donna Palomba Assault? Waterbury Connecticut Rape Incident Update


John Regan is a sentenced attacker and sex guilty party who has been accused of a few levels of capturing attacking and assaulting ladies of various ages.

In the mid 1990’s he strongly assaulted his companions’ spouses and changed their life until the end of time. This story has been included in the NBC Dateline and the watchers are very eager to get the foundation to the case.


Was John Regan Arrested For Donna Palomba Assault?No, John Regan was not captured for attacking and assaulting Donna Palomba in the mid 90s. His character was concealed for some numerous years. Nonetheless, he was captured for his different violations, and Palomba was guaranteed her assaulter would basically stay in jail for 3 additional years.

The case had intellectually and physically tormented Donna for a really long time. She attempted to discuss the case as Jane Doe however she was blamed for attempting to conceal her issue for the sake of a sexual offense.

In any case, today, she has dropped her title as Jane Doe and discusses her injury straightforwardly for ladies to come out solid. She has set up her own association, ‘Jane Doe No More’ through which still up in the air to changes life and society.

John Regan Waterbury Connecticut Rape Incident UpdatJohn Regan was the companion of Donna Palomba’s better half. He came to her home around evening time when no one was home and taken steps to hurt her assuming that she talked anything.

He was so cognizant with regards to concealing his character that, he had gloves on, an adjusted voice, and a covered face. Further, John covered her face with a cushion assaulted her, and left.

This occurrence was damaging on many levels for the mother of two. The absolute most upsetting thing was that Donna just got to know who her attacker was numerous years after the fact in 2004.

Neither was he charged for his wrongdoing against her nor did she track down equity. All things being equal, she was shammed by her own general public blaming her for manufacturing her undertaking.

Where Could John Regan Today be?In 2022, John Regan or John Rocky Regan is in jail making up the few violations he submitted throughout the long term. In 2017, his sentence was moving past yet the court concludes that he’d stay in guardianship for his egregious demonstrations.

He was really charged for hijacking a teenager sprinter from Saratoga Springs High School in the year 2005.