Was Missing Bryce Evans Found? Gofund Me And Case Update


Bryce Evans, a 23-year-elderly person from Tennessee, has been absent since July 31and last realized area was close to Cherokee, North Carolina.

There has been a revelation for the situation which should assist with encouraging in tracking down the missing man, yet at this point, every one of the endeavors appear to be to no end as the man has disappeared completely suddenly.


Tennessee: Was Missing Bryce Evans Found? The 23-year-old prescription understudy is as yet missing since Sunday, and there hasn’t been huge advancement working on it. Specialists and his family are endeavoring to find any lead that could coordinate Evans’ area. The University of Tennessee’s clinical student Bryce Evans, 23, disappeared on July 31 while heading out from Knoxville to Charlotte, North Carolina.

The young fellow’s latest area was close to Cherokee, North Carolina, and his family last heard him at 1 pm on Sunday. Evans’ family attempted to call the solution student, however since his telephone was off, there was no data on where he was.

Bryce’s family documented a report for a missing individual in Knox County, and his sister, Analiese Evans, posted pictures of him on Facebook in the expectations that somebody close by would have the option to assist them with tracking down him.

Is There A Gofund Me Page For Bryce Evans? According to reports, there aren’t any Gofund Me Page made to monetarily support Bryce’s loved ones. Be that as it may, Bryce’s companions, family members, and every individual who has known about his vanishing have met up to extend the quest for the young fellow on the web.

The recreation area officers of Great Smoky Mountains National Park found the vehicle that was Bryce’s essential vehicle. Park watches found Evans’ 2017 dark Nissan Altima, which has the permit number 4LO-8L5, late on Thursday in the Balsam Mountain district of the recreation area on the North Carolina side. Other than this, there hasn’t been any great lead to the case.

Tennessee Man’s Family Tribute And Case Update Bryce Evans’ family is begging people in general for help finding him since he is as yet absent as of the hour of this article. Every individual who realizes him stresses over him at this moment and maintains that him should return home securely.

It’s indistinct now in the event that a police report has been made for him. His family is searching for data to assist them with tracking down him and permit him to securely get back, as nothing is useless while searching for a lost cherished one.

His sister Analiese Evans posted on Facebook not long after his vanishing arguing for individuals to reach her or her family in the event of o any revelation of his whereabouts. He wears displays and has short earthy colored hair. He is around 185 pounds and 6’3″ tall.

On Monday, August 1, Bryce Evans, 24, was accounted for missing to the Knoxville Police Department. As of the hour of the report, the understudy was not seen by anybody. In any case, a KPD representative supposedly let his sister know that he wanted to work out at the T-Rex Gym at UTK and that he could go to Charlotte subsequently.

Evans didn’t appear for his University of North Carolina temporary job, despite the fact that his card had not been utilized at the exercise center. Evans’ telephone presently rings voice message, yet as per the KPD’s central agent, it last rang near Cherokee, North Carolina. So specialists don’t believe he’s right now in Knoxville.