Was Ruiz Stone Pregnant? Murder Case And Killer Allen Jason Wooten Charges


Ruiz Stone, a committed mother, failed to get back home from work one night in June 2003, concerning her loved ones.

In any case, an admission implied that the police were educated regarding her horrifying homicide just days after the fact. The occasions paving the way to Ruiz’s horrendous passing are point by point in the Investigation Discovery narrative “Murder In The Heartland: An Affair with Murder.”


Was Ruiz Stone Pregnant? There are no subtleties on regardless of whether Ruiz Stone was pregnant when she was killed. James, Ruiz’s significant other, and the kids went to the police headquarters on June 23, 2003, at 7:30 p.m., to document Ruiz missing.

Associates said she was most recently seen that night at around 5:20; in any case, she didn’t return home.

The chase after the mother finished unfortunately when new proof guided them to an area in Camden, where her body was tracked down taken cover behind some flotsam and jetsam.

An assessment uncovered that Ruiz’s skull was broken, her larynx was squashed, and her cheekbones were obliterated. She had gotten through a ruthless, unbalanced invasion.

More On Killer Allen Jason Wooten Charges Allen Jason Wooten stated that Stone had a sexual relationship with him despite his desire to the contrary and later educated him that she may be pregnant. Further, he asserted that she scared his children and spouse during their contention upon the arrival of the homicide.

The killer admitted to snatching Stone by the throat prior to kicking and beating him. Incredibly, Wooten owned up to getting a line and hitting her over and over with it till she died.

In the wake of covering the remaining parts with wood, Wooten disposed of Stone’s body in one more spot subsequent to stacking it onto the rear of his truck.

Allen Wooten attempted to depict himself as a Stone’s ensnarement casualty who was simply acting to shield his loved ones.

Wooten’s examination of the conditions was tested by an appointed authority who refered to the seriousness of Wooten’s attack on Stone as proof of a relentless executioner.

Where Is Allen Jason Wooten Today In 2022? Allen Jason Wooten was tracked down liable after his preliminary in April 2004 because of his admission. First-degree murder and abuse of a cadaver were decided to be his wrongdoings.

Around the same time, Allen got two sentences: a 40-year prison term for the homicide of Ruiz Stone and a six-year jail term for the conviction of youngster misuse.

Records show that the Arkansas State Police actually confine him. In July 2031, Allen, who is drawing near to 40, will be qualified for discharge.