Was Thayne Smika Found? Sidney Wells Murder And Case Update


Thayne Smika was blamed for killing his flat mate Sid Wells in August 1983, and the case hasn’t been addressed at this point.

Thayne Smika is blamed for lethally shooting his flat mate toward the rear of the head on August 1, 1983, in their Spanish Towers condo after Sid Wells requested Smika take care of his lease.


Police and examiners know their suspect and have a warrant out for his capture. The main issue is nobody has seen Thayne Smika starting around 1986 or even called him by that name.

Photographs: Was Thayne Smika Found? Thayne Smika was captured in 1983 for the homicide of his flat mate Sid Wells, yet the Boulder County Jail liberated him after his mom set up a security. Thayne Smika vanished in 1986, and the police didn’t give a capture request for him until 2011.

After Boulder police accumulated extra proof for a situation in December 2012, an adjudicator gave a capture warrant for Smika. The path has been frozen, yet Boulder police said they haven’t surrendered.

Following an examination, specialists found Sid had been killed by a solitary shot discharged at a slight descending point from a.20-check shotgun.

Smika was a main suspect when the coroner proclaimed the passing to be a murder. Thayne’s wardrobe included a.20-measure shotgun, cartridges, a case of shells, three shells of which were absent.

At the point when Wells was killed, he had quite recently begun his last year at the University of Colorado and was 22 years of age. Wells was dating Shauna Jean Redford, the little girl of entertainer Robert Redford, and this welcomed consideration regarding the case on a worldwide scale.

Sidney Wells Murder Case Sid Wells’ shot-to-death body was tracked down in his Boulder loft on August 3, 1983. Soon after, his flat mate, Thayne Smika, 24, was captured regarding the homicide of Wells; in any case, the Boulder District Attorney chose not to document charges, and Smika was delivered.

Smika’s potential inspiration would have been on the grounds that she owed Wells $300 in lease that day. As indicated by the FBI, Thayne Smika hasn’t been seen since he was liberated from confinement. Smika’s unwanted vehicle was found in California in 1986,

After Boulder police accumulated extra proof for the situation in December 2012, an adjudicator gave a capture warrant for Smika. The path has been frigid, yet Boulder police said they haven’t surrendered.

As per Trujillo, on the off chance that Thayne Smika is as yet alive, he will ultimately be gotten, charged, and the case will be shut. The FBI is presently offering a prize of $10,000 for data that outcomes in Smika’s catch and conviction.

Following his delivery from detainment, they guaranteed it’s possible Thayne invested a lot of energy living in Yelapa, Mexico. The FBI estimated that Thyane Smika could likewise dwell in California.

Thayne Smika On The Run Since 1996 – What Happened? Thayne Smika has been absent starting around 1986 after his mom posted a bond for the 1983 homicide of his flat mate Sid Wells.

Smika, who was 24 years of age in 1983, was a wanderer without a task who was endeavoring to abstain from covering his bills and being captured by the police subsequent to neglecting to make a home loan installment on a home he had bought with a companion.

Prior to showing up in Boulder, Smika had lived in North Platte, Nebraska, and Akron, Colorado, all through his early stages. Smika was picked by Sid and his brother as a flat mate despite the fact that they weren’t especially close.

As indicated by the court filings, Smika’s companions and colleagues portrayed him as filthy, chaotic, and unstable.