Watch the trending Twitter video of PML-N leader Sheikh Abdul Quddus passing away on stage.


Watch the moving Twitter video of PML-N pioneer Sheik Abdul Quddus dying in front of an audience.

Sheik Abdul Quddus’ personality. Kallar Syedan, a previous nearby body director

What unfolded as Sheik Abdul Quddus, the PML-N pioneer, was sat in front of an audience The leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Sheik Abdul Quddus, took part in Raja Saghir’s mission for the looming by-political decision. Sheik Abdul Qudus experienced a coronary episode in front of an audience and passed unexpectedly soon after completing his location at a PML-N political race rally for the PP-7 Rawalpindi seat of the Punjab Assembly.

In a video that has turned into a web sensation on the web, PML-N pioneer Sheik Abdul Quddus is seen getting comfortable in the wake of talking at the political decision rally. He is given water by a man, however his condition quickly deteriorates, and he falls, slipping unexpectedly onto the lap of the individual sat close to him.

Sheik Abdul Quddus, the head of the PML-N, was subsequently taken to an adjoining clinic where the clinical staff immediately broadcasted him dead, refering to a heart capture as the reason for death.