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Wavy Navy Pooh was a rising American rapper and melodic craftsman. With in excess of 25 tunes delivered to this date, Pooh was step by step acquiring name and acclaim in the business as more individuals paid attention to him consistently.

Many individuals considered him a rising whiz however unfortunately, the rapper’s excursion has reached a conclusion. Miami Herald currently affirms that the rapper, Wavy Navy, was killed in a close by shooing occurrence that occurred on Friday close to the zoo.


The news was at that point spilled hours prior, as the discussions were progressing on different web-based media stages yet presently the authority sources likewise affirm the report. Who Shot Rapper Wavy Navy Pooh To Death? The name of the individual who shot the rapper Wavy Navy Pooh to no end is obscure as he has not been captured at this point.

While announcing the occurrence, Miami Herald reports that the rapper’s vehicle was in a crossing point and a four-entryway dim Lexus pulled next to him.A ma n opened the entryway and began terminating, killing the rapper.

A one-year-old child kid, a 5-year-old kid, and a grown-up lady, who were in the secondary lounge, were safe according to sources. At the point when the officials showed up at the scene, there were no hints of the offender behind the homicide.

Presently they are looking for the vehicle just as individuals engaged with the shooting with the assistance of the endure observers. As things stand, no speculate has been captured and the authority examination continues.

What Is Wavy Navy Pooh Real Name? Rapper Wavy Navy Pooh’s genuine name is Shandler Beaubien. The authority sources while talking about the occurrence affirmed the rapper’s genuine name.

He seldom involved his genuine name as he was frequently perceived by his stage name. From true records to the online media profiles, the rapper had secured himself as Wavy Navy Pooh.

How Old Was Wavy Navy Pooh? Discussing Wavy Navy Pooh’s age, he was 28 years of age at the hour of his demise. The specific date of birth of the late melodic craftsman isn’t known yet the sources notice him to be at 28 years old.

From that, we can finish up his introduction to the world year to be in 1993/94 while his birthday stays obscure. Since he was as yet a rising craftsman, Pooh was not covered by the media on an itemized level.