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Examination Discovery’s ‘Deadly Women: Clean Hands, Dirty Deeds’ highlighted Wayne Amey’s homicide story. So we should dive in more profound to have some familiarity with regarding what befell him.

Wayne Amey is a fitness coach, matured 54, who vanished in December 2013 from Hawthorn. His body was found seven days after the fact between two rocks in Victoria, Australia.


He was severely beaten, cut multiple times, and choked to death. Police examination recommends that he was first assaulted in quite a while carport and unloaded where his body was found.

At first, agents viewed two men who were liable of the wrongdoing. They were Torsten Trabert and John Ryan. Then, at that point, notwithstanding, there were more contorts in the plot.

Robyn Lindholm, a 40 years of age lady who was a colorful artist, used to be Wayne’s accomplice. Notwithstanding, after they two split up, Robyn needed portion of Wayne’s rustic property. Reports say that they purchased the property together.

Thus, she asked Torsten, a man she was dating, to kill her ex. The camera got their wrongdoing. Reconnaissance film connected every one of them to the homicide. In 2015, Robyn conceded to Wayne’s homicide.

Robyn Lindholm and the other two individuals faulted each other for Wayne Amey’s homicide. Be that as it may, since the court observed the homicide plan included every one of them, they got the longest jail sentence.

Robyn, the driving force, was condemned to 25 years in jail, and the other two got the longest sentence. Besides, the one homicide case drove the police to track down the suspect for another.

Robyn’s ex, George Templeton, died in secret. As indicated by sources, specialists accepted that she might have taken the assistance of Wayne and another man who assisted her with killing him.

The motivation behind the homicide is associated to be with her fantasy with living with Wayne. Notwithstanding, she denied the claims when the case returned, and she represented the preliminary.

Wayne Amey’s ex-accomplice Robyn Lindholm is serving her life at the jail at a restorative office in Australia today. She was viewed blameworthy for the homicide of George too; hence, adding an additional 28 years of the sentence. She will be at 71 years old when she will acquire parole qualification.