We are better than police in America


A Nigerian lady who lives in the US has shared her skill in the palms of guys of the Nigeria Police Power in the wake of bringing dwelling back.

The cops had been harrassing she and her uncle and after they gained directly into a discussion, the officials boasted that they are superior to police in the U.S. what’s more, unique worldwide areas.


She transferred a video which affirmed her uncle driving along with her in the auto to an area in Lagos state for marketing effort capabilities after they had been come by cops.

As indicated by the more youthful woman, the wellbeing merchants informed them that it’s because of they had been using a marketing effort vehicle that they had been halted.

During the cross examination, they mentioned to go looking her stuff for drug and firearm, to which she obliged.

Nonetheless, after they couldn’t find any intention to convey or capture them, the officials began to address her unsettling the work Nigeria police shows improvement over American police.

One of the young men expressed that they had been in a situation to recover 8 provincially made guns and uncountable assortment of cartridges, notwithstanding juju which had been used by lawbreakers.

They influenced the lady and her uncle to notice them to the station to permit them to see confirmation that Nigeria police accomplishes policing work better compared to those abroad.