‘We shouldn’t go down!’ Zindell Brown’s CHILLING warning before Mexican cartel killed him revealed by family


MATAMOROS, MEXICO: In a nerve-wracking misfortune, four US residents were attacked and hijacked at gunpoint by a Mexican cartel on Friday, Walk 3. Among one of the two Americans killed had supposedly communicated his hesitance about the disastrous outing to Mexico saying, “We shouldn’t go down,” as per his sister.

Killed Zindell Brown had alarmingly cautioned about the hazards of going in the wrongdoing ridden city of Matamoros to his companions, Latavia “Tay” McGee and Eric James Williams, and Shaeed Woodard. The group of four had gone to the country for clinical treatment when they were purportedly trapped in the crossfire between two restricting cartel gatherings. Evidently, a Mexican cartel purportedly confused them with Haitian medication bootleggers.


Wrongdoing ridden city of Matamoros “Zindell continued to say, ‘We shouldn’t go down,'” said his sister Zalandria Brown. One of the casualties Latavia, a mother of six and a continuous guest to the country was venturing out with her companions to go through a corrective system.

They were going from South Carolina to the city of Matamoros in the northeastern province of Tamaulipas, Mexico, in a white minivan when the setback happened. Following the outcome, blood-twisting film posted via virtual entertainment showed men with attack rifles and body shield stacking the four Americans in the bed of a white pickup truck in the wrongdoing ridden city of Matamoros.

Zindell’s sister who lives in Florence, SC, said his demise has been “like a terrible dream you want to awaken from.” She added, “To see a your relative tossed toward the rear of a truck and hauled, it is only staggering,” as per New York Post.

In the video, one of the men seemed, by all accounts, to be alive as he should have been visible lifting his head over the asphalt prior to being hauled into the vehicle. The other three casualties gave off an impression of being either dead or seriously injured.

The outcome of the misfortune Lativa’s auntie, Mary McFadden, said when the family hadn’t heard from the gathering they started checking on the web and ran over a video showing her niece being seized. “We perceived her and her fair hair,” McFadden told CNN, announced the source. The local Americans were found in a wooden shack on Tuesday, watched by a man Jose Guadalupe, who was subsequently captured said the state’s central examiner, Irving Barrios.

Zindell and Shaeed were accounted for dead and were taken for measurable work at the Matamoros funeral home, Tamaulipas Lead representative Americo Villarreal said. Eric experienced a gunfire twisted to his leg and the mother of six Latavia was not genuinely harmed. The pair were accompanied by Mexican military Humvees and public gatekeeper trucks in a guard of vehicles to Brownsville, Texas.