Wes Welker is Married to Wife: Anna Burns. Kids.

Wesley Carter Welker, expertly known as Wes Welker, is an eminent football trainer and previous wide collector from the US. Wesley is The Miami Dolphins wide recipients mentor.

For the 49ers and Texans, he functioned as an associate mentor prior to being elevated to lead trainer in 2013. The prestigious football trainer was an undrafted free specialist in 2004 when the San Diego Chargers marked him subsequent to playing university football for the Texas Tech Red Bandits.


Too to the Dolphins, Wes has additionally played for the New Britain Nationalists, St Louis Rams, and Denver Horses. Despite the fact that undrafted, the prestigious football trainer had a colossal vocation as a wide beneficiary.

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Wes Welker has been Hitched to his Significant other Anna Consumes beginning around 2012 Wes Welker’s better half, Anna Consumes, has been hitched to the player for 10 years and has been infatuated. Wes Welker’s significant other Anna is said to have initially met Wes in 2010, yet there is no data on when they at first began dating; in this manner, they kept their relationship hidden. New Britain Nationalists proprietor’s container, where Welker had recently played, was where the couple was spotted. The prestigious football trainer and his future spouse Anna stayed under the radar until January of2012, when expression of their commitment surfaced.

Indeed, even by then, people in general was still hapless dazed of bewilderment. Aspen, Colorado was the setting for the famous football trainer and his better half Anna’s wedding; they wedded on the 25th of June 2012. Wes Welker’s significant other, Anna, had the option to bond and trade guarantees. Until the present time, there has been no guess about the couple’s separation. The famous football trainer and his better half Anna likewise show that their association is getting more grounded as time passes. In the wake of being hitched for 10 years, the couple got three children together. Anna Consumes’ Account Anna Consumes Welker, expertly known as Anna Consumes, is an eminent individual of note and is the spouse of Wes Welker. Wes Welker’s significant other was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, on the thirteenth of April 1982 and is at present 40 years of age.

Anna was the most youthful offspring of seven kin with her folks, whose name was obscure.

Wes Welker’s Children  I. Caroline Welker She is the little girl of the prestigious football trainer with his better half Anna. II. Carter Welker He is the Child of the previous wide recipient Wes Welker with his better half Anna. III. (Name not Accessible) Sadly, Wes and his significant other Anna’s third kid data is obscure to people in general.