What Age Is Hazel Stewart In 2022? Wikipedia Bio And Husband David Stewart Now

In 2022, Hazel Stewart turned 59. She was the individual who killed Dentist Colin Howell’s significant other Lesley and her better half Trevor. She has been condemned to 18 years in jail.

Hazel Stewart, who was also called Hazel Buchanan after she got hitched, and Colin Howell, who was her sweetheart at that point, were seen as at legitimate fault for killing Howell’s significant other Lesley and Stewart’s better half Trevor in 1991. Shockingly, the killings were not learned about for a considerable length of time. It required very nearly 20 years for Colin to concede his responsibility at long last. In 2010, he said that he had killed individuals.


The most up to date wrongdoing show on Netflix is designated “The Secret,” and it depends on the genuine killings of Trevor Buchanan and Lesley Howell. In 1991, Colin and Hazel killed their accomplice while they were engaging in extramarital relations, the episode says.

The bodies were found in a vehicle brimming with exhaust in Castlerock, Northern Ireland. The specialists thought they had committed suicide subsequent to figuring out their accomplices were having illicit relationships with others.

Individuals who watch the show, which depends on a genuine story, are presently pondering where Colin Howell and Hazel Stewart are and in the event that they went to jail for their violations.

What Age Is Hazel Stewart In 2022? Where Could She Now be? Hazel Steawar will be 59 years of age in 2022. Hazel Stewart was viewed as at fault for killing two individuals in 2011, and she is presently carrying out a 18-year punishment in a jail in Hydebank, Belfast. After she was found blameworthy, the preliminary appointed authority, Mr. Justice Hart, said that she might have saved her better half’s life assuming she had decided to do as such.

She was accused in court of disposing of proof and assisting with arranging the homicides. She continues to say that Colin killed both of her folks and that she is guiltless. She has attempted ordinarily to get her conviction upset.

Colin, her sweetheart, is in jail at Maghaberry Prison in Northern Ireland. He is carrying out a 21-year punishment and could get out in 2031.

Hazel Stewart Wikipedia: How Did She Meet Colin Howell? Hazel Stewart was hitched to a nearby RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary) official. Trevor Buchanan came from a cultivating foundation and cherished his occupation as a cop.

He wasn’t exceptionally aggressive, however he was a benevolent man who put his significant other and family in front of all the other things.

Hazel was born and brought up in the country. She wedded Trevor when she was 18 and he was 22. After five years, they moved to Coleraine and lived in the family-accommodating neighborhood of Charnwood Park.

Hazel was a wonderful blonde, however she was likewise calm and timid. She was a decent and caring mother to her two children. She used to show Sunday school at the Coleraine Baptist Church and help out at a childcare community show to the congregation.

This is where she initially met Colin Howell, whose three children went to the middle. Throughout the mid year of 1990, he experienced passionate feelings for her and asked her out.

As a component of the Baptist Church’s childcare program, Colin proposed to help Hazel take children to a close by pool. Colin appeared at Hazel’s home not long after that to show her how to play the guitar.

He was searching under any condition to spend time with the Hazel more. Since their relationships were for the most part about their children, church, and everyday life, their energetic love remained as a distinct difference to their relationships.

Hazel Stewart Husband David Stewart Hazel Buchanan, a mother of two, later wedded David Stewart, a senior cop with a great deal of involvement as a criminal specialist.

By 1996, Colin was fed up with playing a miserable single man, so he proposed to Hazel that they move to Scotland and begin once again. They could join a congregation and live respectively transparently as a mixed family. Be that as it may, Hazel advised them to disappear. She cut off the friendship with Colin in light of the fact that she at this point not needed him in her life.

From that point forward, Hazel quit fooling around with an alternate man, however that likewise didn’t work out. Afterward, she wedded David Stewart, a resigned senior cop, and took his last name, changing her name to Hazel Stewart.

Hazel Stewart Release Date Hazel Stewart was found blameworthy in March 2011 and allowed a 18-year sentence. She is expected to escape jail in 2029. Yet, to attempt once more and is fruitful, she could escape prison sooner.