What are the signs of fentanyl overdose? NJ arts teacher Frank Thompson arrested after consuming drug in classroom


Frank Thompson, a 57-year-old workmanship educator at a rural New Jersey center school, was captured after he supposedly went too far before understudies. Specialists were educated after the educator was tracked down oblivious and lethargic in a moment floor study hall. Supposedly, the occurrence occurred around 9 am on November 29, 2022.

Moreover, the police have announced that it was the understudies who initially saw Frank Thompson. The issue was then answered to the medical caretakers and later to specialists. Moreover, the School Asset Official, Fortunato Riga, additionally guaranteed that the school nurture was at that point treating the instructor when specialists showed up.


An official at the scene before long derived that Thompson was giving indications of fentanyl glut. According to the CDC, a few indications of an excess incorporate loss of cognizance, slow, feeble or no breathing, limp body, and stained skin.

The occurrence apparently occurred at the Roosevelt Halfway School in New Jersey. On Thursday, January 5, the craftsmanship educator was accused of ownership of fentanyl, ownership of medication gear, and jeopardizing the government assistance of youngsters. Frank Thompson is booked to show up in court on February 1, 2023.

At the point when specialists showed up at the school where Frank Thompson was lying oblivious, one among them promptly perceived the signs and reasoned that the educator was ingesting too much medications. The official then infused him with naloxone hydrochloride. According to answering officials, Thompson gave indications of progress when he was infused.

During the examination, specialists likewise found fentanyl and other medication stuff in the craftsmanship educator’s homeroom storage room.

Guardians were subsequently educated about the episode through letters, and the study hall was fixed off for disinfection. Talking about the episode, Administrator Dr. Raymond González said:

Fentanyl glut is a risky condition, and its unfavorable impacts incorporate passing. Being an engineered narcotic, fentanyl is for the most part used to treat serious torment. It is supposed to be 50-100 times more grounded than morphine. While the medication is for the most part recommended by specialists and is really at that time delivered by drug stores, many wind up assembling the medication illicitly.

Moreover, the CDC reports that normal indications of fentanyl glut incorporate cold and damp skin, limp body, slow or powerless breathing, loss of cognizance, and stifling or sputtering sounds.

Moreover, specialists propose that at whatever point somebody sees someone else gagging or lying oblivious due to an excess, the best assistance is call 911 right away and keep the individual alert and on their side to forestall stifling.

Discussing counteraction, specialists and clinical staff for the most part use Naloxone to switch the impacts of narcotics. This can likewise forestall passing due to go too far. Furthermore, test strips can likewise be utilized to recognize whether fentanyl has been joined with another medication.