What did Aidan Ralph do? Iowa State University linebacker arrested on charges of assault


20-year-old Aidan Ralph was captured on Tuesday in Iowa for supposedly r*ping a lady who was pushed down the flight of stairs and was fixed. The disastrous episode occurred on December 3, 2022, when Aidan Ralph blamed the casualty for cheating and pushed her down the steps at around 1 am neighborhood time.

Trigger admonition: The article contains references to s*xual misuse and abusive behavior at home. Perusers’ attentiveness is encouraged.


Ralph is a 20-year-old linebacker from Iowa State College and has been accused of homegrown maltreatment and third-degree s*xual misuse. Similar has been affirmed by the Story District Sheriff’s Office.

The casualty has additionally been recognized as Aidan Ralph’s better half, and she was pushed on various occasions before she tumbled down the steps that evening. After Ralph supposedly pushed the lady down the steps, she experienced a spine injury and mentioned the 20-year-old to call a rescue vehicle.

Ralph supposedly would not do so and on second thought lay on top of her as the casualty cried in torment. Police likewise asserted that the casualty supported noticeable wounds on her back post the attack.

Aidan Ralph supposedly r*ped his sweetheart in December 2022 and is being accused of third-degree s*xual misuse
A previous Iowa State College footballer at present faces charges in the wake of being blamed for pushing a lady down the steps and afterward r*ping her while she had a messed up spine. Ralph purportedly felt that the lady was undermining him.

The lamentable episode occurred at Ralphs’ home on seventeenth Road in Ames at around 1 am neighborhood time on December 3. Iowa State’s athletic division affirmed that Aidan Ralph was as of now not a piece of the football program.

He is right now being hung on $11,000 bond and his court appearance has been booked for May 15, 2023, at around 1 pm neighborhood time. He has been accused of s*xual attack and misdeed aggressive behavior at home.

The casualty guaranteed that in the wake of tumbling down the flight of stairs she eliminated her jeans to analyze her wounds. That was when Aidan Ralph overwhelmed the person in question and started attacking her. At the point when specialists found the person in question, they saw a noticeable enlarging on her back.

After the supposed attack, a non-contact request was given. Related Press announced that they gave arriving at a shot to the Iowa public protector’s office in Story Province, yet couldn’t lay out contact. Aidan presently has to carry out upwards of 12 years in jail, according to the New York Post.

Specialists asserted that Ralph is on grant for the Tornadoes and allegedly moved on from Chicago’s De La Salle Secondary School.

The case is at present being scrutinized, and policing are yet to uncover extra data about the frightful wrongdoing.