What Did Amber Heard Assistant Kate James Say About Johnny Depp? Detail on Her Testimony

Somewhere in the range of 2012 and 2015, Kate James was Amber Heard’s own associate. She evidently had almost a decade of involvement working with A-rundown big names.

Nonetheless, she started working for Heard as a parttime worker to permit her to really focus on her child on a more adaptable timetable. The associate from that point turned into Heard’s full-time representative.


Her obligations went from shopping for food for the entertainer to getting her laundry. Following this, James additionally spoke with her Hollywood specialists and manages her overall work process.

Sadly, the associate’s work was out of the blue ended in 2015, soon after Heard wedded Depp.

What Did Amber Heard Assistant Kate James Say About Johnny Depp? Golden Heard’s previous associate Kate James showed little love for her ex-boss. She showed up on a jury during Amber Heard’s proceeding with slander preliminary over her maltreatment charges against Johnny Depp.

She has affirmed in Depp’s $50 million slander activity, in which he asserts Heard demolished his standing with a 2018 commentary. Somewhere in the range of 2012 and 2015, James guaranteed she never saw Heard with wounds or saw any maltreatment during her three-year work.

James portrays Depp as a “complete Southern respectable man. Similarly, she likewise made sense of him as quiet, modest, and calm. In the interim, she added that when she filled in as Heard’s right hand from 2012 to 2015 and blamed the entertainer for being harmful.

As indicated by James, Heard supposedly attacked her own family, dealing with her sister like “a canine you kick,” and leaving her mom “scared” by her activities.

Kate James Testimony During The Trail Kate James affirmed through a pre-recorded video, blaming Heard for being loudly oppressive to her when she was her chief.

During her preliminary, ex-aide James was brief and inconsiderate about her functioning circumstances. She asserted Heard paid her “incredibly little” at $50,000 each year, which she considered “annoying.”

James further guaranteed that Heard felt that it gave her the “right to spit in my face” when she requested a compensation increase. Nonetheless, she was not affirming according to a business debate.

She additionally professed to have seen a “little conspiratorial” meeting at the Chateau Marmont, a lavish inn in Los Angeles, in May 2014. Moreover, she kept saying it was difficult to depict yet she thought they were going for some crisis.

Notwithstanding, the situation were totally unique going on that day. She reviewed that while walking the roads of New York, Heard portrayed her as being in a “truly dysregulated state.”