What did Byrion Montgomery do? Teen suspect arrested over Chicago home invasion shooting


17-year-old Byrion Montgomery has been accused of killing his sweetheart and two others and harming a person during a home attack in southwestern rural Bolingbrook on Walk 5, 2023.

As per a warrant from the Will Province Express’ Lawyer’s Office, Byrion has to deal with 13 crime penalties and will be attempted as a grown-up.


Byrion’s bail is set at $20 million, and he argued not liable to all charges during his court appearance in Will Province on Walk 7, 2023.

On February 5, 2023, at around 8.15 pm, officials answered a report of a potential home intrusion in the 100 block of Lee Path. The police showed up at the scene and discovered that four individuals were shot.

Three individuals, 40-year-old Cartez L. Daniels, 17-year-old Samiya A. Shelton-Tillman, and a 9-year-old young lady recognized by the family as Daniels’ girl Sanai Daniels were proclaimed dead at the scene.

34-year-old Tania Stewart was additionally shot and raced to the clinic, where she was pronounced to be in stable condition. Police revealed that family members have informed them that Tania Stewart is Daniels’ fiancee.

Specialists likewise revealed that a 3-year-old kid and a 14-year-old kid were available in the home at the hour of the shooting and were safe.

At around 10 pm, Byrion was distinguished as the sole suspect and was tracked down close to his home and arrested. An assertion by Bolingbrook Police referenced that Byrion was in a heartfelt connection with one of the people in question, Samiya A. Shelton-Tillman.

Byrion Montgomery was charged for the situation on Walk 6, 2023, and examiners informed that he shot and wounded Daniels and shot both Samiya and the 9-year-old to death.

Byrion Montgomery has been accused as a grown-up of nine counts of homicide (three counts for every casualty), one count every one of endeavored murder, exasperated battery, home intrusion, and irritated unlawful utilization of a weapon.

CBS News revealed that Bolingbrook occupants participated in a request at a vigil the evening of Walk 6, 2023, and lit three candles for individuals killed in the home attack.

One of the neighbors who was companions with the 9-year-old casualty told CBS News:

CBS News likewise revealed that neighbors have alluded to the circumstance as “a misfortune on top of a misfortune” as the suspect was only a teen himself. Neighbor Alex Pizzarro said:

“Three casualties perished – so count four at this point. That youngster – in fact a kid – will imprison for a super long time.”

The thought process behind the wrongdoing stays obscure. Byrion entered a not-liable supplication in Will Region court in Joliet. Whenever sentenced, he could use the remainder of his life in jail and is booked to be back in court on Walk 30.