What did Darius Miles do? University of Alabama basketball player charged with murder

A day after Alabama ball player Darius Miles was sidelined for the season because of a lower leg injury, the 21-year-old was accused of capital homicide after a deadly shooting close to the College of Alabama grounds.

On Sunday, January 15, 2023, Darius Miles, a save on the fourth-positioned Dark red Tide group in Alabama, and one more man distinguished as Michael Lynn Davis, 20, were accused of capital homicide after the two shot and killed Jamea Harris, a 23 year-elderly person from Birmingham.

Commander Jack Kennedy of Tuscaloosa Police reported the charges against the supposed culprits. The casualty was supposedly inside a vehicle at the hour of the episode. According to specialists, a few others engaged with the episode are not partnered with the college.

On Sunday, January 15, Alabama ball player Darius Miles and one more suspect were accused of capital homicide after supposedly shooting a lady close to the college grounds.

Skipper Jack Kennedy, who point by point the episode, said that police were cautioned of the close grounds shooting when the driver of a vehicle, where the casualty was a traveler, moved toward grounds police and informed them that they had been gone after by a suspect who shot into their vehicle.

Specialists said that the unidentified driver who moved toward the grounds police added that he terminated back with good reason, asserting that one of the suspects was harmed during the deadly fight. Not long after, the two suspects were captured after they were recognized utilizing observation video that caught the episode.

The harmed suspect, who was struck during the occurrence, was supposedly taken to a clinic where he was treated for non-hazardous wounds.

Specialists, who are as yet exploring the conditions paving the way to the occurrence, indicated that a minor fight started the deadly episode. In a proclamation, Commander Jack Kennedy said:

“As of now, apparently the main rationale was a minor squabble that these people had with the casualty as they were out on The Strip.””The part organizations of the Vicious Wrongdoings Unit used every one of their assets and cooperated immaculately to get this case to a goal a fast way.”

Following the episode, Darius Miles was shot as he was being directed to the Tuscaloosa District Prison handcuffed. Censuring the close grounds shooting, the College of Alabama gave an assertion and said:

“The College of Alabama’s most extreme need is the security and prosperity of the grounds local area. We are lamented by the occurrence that happened close to grounds the previous evening and stretches out our most profound sympathies to the casualty’s loved ones.”
The College of Alabama added that they have since removed the suspect from the grounds. Miles, who played six games this season before he was sidelined because of a lower leg injury, was likewise eliminated from the athletic division’s site.

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