What did Derrick John Thompson do? Suspect arrested as video shows moment car slams into SUV killing five women


27-year-old Derrick John Thompson has to deal with two penalties of homicide in association with an auto collision that killed five ladies. The supposed quick in and out occurred keep going week on Friday in South Minneapolis at around 10:12 pm nearby time. Thompson asserted banged into three teens and two other youthful females during the accident.

Furthermore, film highlighting the specific snapshot of the accident was likewise spilled. Specialists, be that as it may, are leading an inward examination with respect to the supposed break.


Examining officials affirmed that the disastrous accident purportedly occurred on June 16, 2023, Friday, at around 10:12 nearby time at the convergence of Lake Road and Second Road South. The driver, Derrick John Thompson, who is the child of previous state Rep. John Thompson, hammered his SUV into one more vehicle that had five individuals in it.

According to a report by the New York Post, the casualties have been recognized as Sabiriin Mohamoud Ali, 17, Siham Adan Odhowa, 19, Sagal Burhaan Hersi, 19, Sahra Liban Gesaade, 20, and Salma Mohamed Abdikadir, 20. Specialists affirmed that the casualties were getting back from a companion’s wedding arrangements when the deadly accident occurred. Their personalities were likewise affirmed by the Hennepin Area clinical inspector’s office.

Cops expressed that following the accident, Derrick John Thompson ran away from the area, and later was captured. He was first taken to Hennepin Couty Clinical Center, prior to being set up for Hennepin Area Prison.

It has additionally been uncovered that this isn’t the initial time Derrick John Thompson has been engaged with such an episode. In 2018, he supposedly had a lawful offense conviction connected with a quick in and out case in Montecito, where he wound up harming a lady.

He likewise ended up on some unacceptable side of the law when he was sentenced after he escaped a cop in an engine vehicle. He additionally got into serious trouble after his contribution in issues connected with drug ownership.

Minneapolis Police Boss Brian O’Hara affirmed that police are presently researching the horrendous accident that killed such countless people.

Aside from this, they are likewise investigating the beginning of the spilled Metro Travel film that caught the accident.

The Hennepin Area Lawyer, Mary Moriarty likewise tended to the spilled clasp and talked about the effect that it would have on the casualties’ families.

“Releases like this profoundly influence the family and friends and family of the people in question and sabotage local area trust in the criminal overall set of laws,” they said.
The terrible accident has been portrayed as “totally tragic” by Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz.