What did Frederick County Sheriff Charles Jenkins do? Machine gun conspiracy scheme explored


Maryland Sheriff Charles Jenkins and nearby guns seller Robert Justin Krop were as of late prosecuted on government charges for attempting to wrongfully buy automatic rifles and lease them to procure some benefit. Jenkins and Krop have been accused of utilizing counterfeit reports from the Frederick Area Sheriff’s Office and mentioning automatic weapons for assessment and showing.

Jenkins marked the archives, which were drafted by Krop. Similar reports were utilized to supply the weapons, which were then leased to Krop’s clients.


A public interview was coordinated by the Frederick District Sheriff’s Office a couple of hours after the prosecution, and representative Todd Wivell expressed:

“Sheriff Jenkins keeps on filling in as our sheriff, and he will do as such however proficient as he may be. He will in any case keep an entryway strategy. He will in any case talk. He’s been encouraged by his direction to not discuss what is happening by any means.”
An assertion for the benefit of Charles Jenkins was likewise perused which referenced that he don’t want to remark on the circumstance in the wake of being encouraged by his lawyer and will keep on filling in as sheriff. According to Fox News, he referenced that he anticipates his representatives, prison guards, and staff to stay the genuine experts that they are.

Robert Justin Krop and his business have been permitted to buy and arrangement assault rifles on a few events. This incorporates the utilization of firearms as exhibition tests for potential cops.

As per the arraignment, Krop and Charles Jenkins attempted to make an unlawful acquisition of firearms with the assistance of misleading reports on the sheriff’s office letterhead mentioning automatic weapons to be assessed and exhibited for the workplace. Notwithstanding, their primary goal was to lease the weapons to their clients and acquire some benefit from August 2015 to May 2022.

Krop drafted the records and after Jenkins marked them, they were submitted to sellers, merchants, and producers, referencing that the weapons were for showing and assessment.

As per the Division of Equity, Krop’s business offered political help for Jenkins. The prosecution additionally referenced that the business procured advantages of more than $100,000.

A representative for Maryland Gov. Wes Moore expressed that they will offer their full help in the examination, saying that Jenkins has been blamed for a few extreme charges and that they anticipate that policing should be fair and follow fair treatment.

“Nobody is exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else; we expect elevated requirements from every single public authority and trust that our establishments will work to both safeguard the privileges of the blamed and shield the interests for the residents of Frederick District.”

Charles Jenkins began functioning as a delegate with the organization in 1990 and was reappointed to a fifth term as sheriff the previous fall. He is at present 66 years of age. Krop, then again, is the administrator of guns related organizations in Frederick Area, as per the DOJ.