What did Ja’hod Snow do? Police identify Rochester teen killed while driving a stolen car


On Tuesday, June 27, 2023, Rochester high schooler Ja’hod Snow was lethally gunned somewhere near an obscure shooter while driving a taken vehicle. As indicated by WHEC, Snow was blamed for taking a Hyundai from the Portland Road region only hours before his demise. The shooting of Snow stays under police examination. Rochester specialists have not yet recognized any suspects.

Trigger admonition: This article concerns a manslaughter examination, the peruser’s circumspection is encouraged


The character of Ja’hod Snow was declared on Thursday by the Rochester Police Division. While the case is as yet being tested, Rochester police chief Frank Umbrino said the issue is all the more a social one as opposed to a “police issue.”

“You really want to consider the guardians responsible. The law enforcement framework, family court, they need to awaken and have to begin following through with something so we’re not staying here at 6 AM with dead 17-, 18-year-old children in taken vehicles,” Umbrino said.
No charges have been recorded in the killing.

The collection of Ja’hod Snow was found on Laser Road at roughly 6 am. A neighbor revealed that shots had been discharged nearby. After showing up at the scene, authorities said that the taken Hyundai had collided with a power shaft. Snow, who was in the driver’s seat, was hurried to the clinic, where he died. His authority reason for death was supposedly a gunfire twisted to the middle.

The neighbor, who decided to stay unidentified, portrayed the stunning revelation.

“He was harmed. Yet, I didn’t have the foggiest idea where it was until I seen the slug shots in the side of the vehicle and glass on the floor that I realize that it was more than something else in light of the fact that he was all the while sitting in the vehicle scarcely relaxing.”
As indicated by Frank Umbrino, the proprietor of the Hyundai has been precluded as a suspect, as she didn’t realize that the vehicle had been taken until specialists shown up close to home.

The neighbor added that they additionally needed to converse with their kids to stay away from future occurrences.

“I consider my 18-year-old girl, my 16-year-old little girl and my 6-year-old child. A few guardians need to plunk down and truly have a one-on-one talk with these children about the lifestyle,” they said.
No further subtleties have been delivered with respect to Ja’hod Snow. Specialists have not affirmed whether the departed youngster had any earlier criminal history.