What did Jeffrey Exon do? Kansas man convicted in 2021 death of 2-year-old daughter who starved to death


A Texas man named Jeffrey Exon was blamed for killing his 2-year-old baby girl Aurora Exon by starving her, back in 2021. On Monday, Exon was sentenced in her passing of a few charges, including first-degree murder, in the commission of a crime.

Back in 2021, cops found that Jeffrey Exon would frequently not feed his youngster because of his enslavement issues. Exploring officials found alcohol bottles when they looked through Jeffrey Exon’s home during the examination. According to AP News, Jeffrey’s child additionally gave his declaration during the procedures concerning his sister’s passing.


At the point when Exon called the police on January 5, 2021, to report his “inert” little child at their Topeka home, officials found that she had been dead for a long while. Afterward, the clinical inspector expressed that Aurora had been dead for a few days.

As indicated by Mike Kagay, Shawnee Area Head prosecutor, she was most recently seen alive on December 26.

At the point when police showed up at the scene at 3501 S.W. tenth Road on January 5, 2021, and found that Aurora was at that point dead, they sent the little child’s remaining parts to the clinical inspector’s office. Further assessments and tests proclaimed her demise to be a crime.

It was found that Aurora died of starvation and lack of healthy sustenance. According to Fox News, Exon would frequently hold his youngsters hungry because of his enslavement issues. As per examiner Bethany Lee, Aurora died when her dad was “inebriated and dropped in his bed for quite a long time.”

A Shawnee Region Locale Court jury was approached to convict Exon of a few charges, including first-degree murder. In any case, protection legal advisor James Spies expressed that Exon “didn’t kill his little girl.” As per Spies, Aurora’s lamentable demise wasn’t connected with her being malnourished, yet it had something to do with “lacking pediatric consideration” well before she died.

Exon was having to deal with a few penalties, including one count every one of exasperated kid danger, crazy yet unexpected second-degree murder, disappointment by a parent to report the passing of a kid, and first-degree murder in the commission of a crime. Examiner Lee expressed that Aurora died from irritated kid risk.

At the point when Aurora died, both she and her more seasoned brother Theodore Exon (presently 6 years of age) were in Jeffrey’s care. Theodore additionally affirmed for the situation connected with his sister’s demise. The organic mother of Aurora and Theodore affirmed in court and expressed that she consented to let the 45-year-old take care of the children since her everyday environments were not reasonable for them.

Examiners referenced that they held onto a few alcohol bottles from Jeffrey Exon’s room. He was indicted for every one of the charges documented against him. Exon’s condemning hearing has been planned for July 28, 2023.