What did Jeffrey Roberts do? Chilling video shows Long Beach man killing brother at his Utah home


On April 27, 66-year-old Jeffrey Roberts from Long Ocean side, California, gunned down his brother Scott and harmed his sister by marriage at their Utah home prior to being killed in a shootout with police.

The occurrence, which was gotten on the casualties’ doorbell camera, was delivered for the current week and showed the second Jeffrey Roberts approached the front entryway of the Utah home and shot his brother on numerous occasions prior to driving his direction inside the home.


Specialists said that Scott Roberts and his significant other, Jodi, were having supper alone when Jeffrey showed up and viciously gunned down his brother, who died at the scene. Jeffrey is additionally blamed for shooting his sister by marriage, Jodi, who endure her injuries and stays in the clinic. Police showed up at the scene after a neighbor, who heard discharges eject from the house, called 911 and revealed the episode.

Upon appearance, police allegedly stood up to Jeffrey, who started terminating at the officials from inside the home in the wake of setting it ablaze. Specialists said that Jeffrey, who was equipped with a 9mm handgun, a shotgun and 23 completely stacked magazines, was killed during the police deadlock.

The chilling doorbell camera video delivered on Thursday, May 4, showed Jeffrey Roberts maneuvering into his brother’s North Ogden carport prior to moving toward the house and ringing the doorbell.

Scott Roberts, who answers the entryways, can be heard participating in a concise, apparently harmless discussion with his brother Jeffrey before the last option takes out a handgun and takes shots at the person in question.

In no time prior to shooting his brother, Jeffrey, in a somewhat short discussion with his brother, is heard inquisitive about their mother. Jeffrey is heard saying:

Scott Roberts answers that their mom is in Missouri. The clasp shows the two kin keep on speaking about their mom before Jeffrey was seen going after his pocket. He then takes out the handgun and discharge at his brother.

The video then shows Jeffrey Roberts going all through the house while chatting on the telephone before he is seen conveying various weapons, including a shotgun into the house.

Soon after, we hear the smoke alert going off inside the home. Specialists later said that Jeffrey utilized street flares to burn down his brother’s home before police showed up at the scene.

According to different reports, as police showed up at the scene, Jeffrey Roberts started terminating at the officials from inside the house, who returned fire, killing Jeffrey at the scene. Police presently can’t seem to uncover the intention behind the horrendous occurrence.

The Pledge drive which has raised more than $39,000, was sent off to deliver monetary help to Jodi, who purportedly lost every one of her possessions after Jeffrey killed her better half, Scott Roberts, and set the home burning. The page said:

“In view of the fire, my mother has been left with no garments or individual things. We will actually want to recuperate a few things from the house yet have been told the majority of the house was obliterated. Any finances gave will be utilized for necessities for my mother.”
In a Facebook post, the couple’s niece uncovered that their two dearest canines Watchman and Dublin were likewise killed in the fire. According to New York Post, the local area has coordinated a vigil to help the family on Saturday, May 6 at 6 pm.