What did Jericho Labonte do? Wanted Victoria man arrested following bizarre Oregon incident


Jericho Labonte, who the Coast Gatekeeper protected on the morning of Friday, February 3, was captured by specialists later in the day. As per police, Labonte has been accused of burglary, jeopardizing someone else, unapproved utilization of a vehicle, and criminal naughtiness.

The 35-year-old was protected after his yacht overturned in the harsh and tempestuous waters of the Columbia Stream, which courses through the areas of Oregon and Washington prior to opening up to the Pacific Sea. He was saved by a salvage swimmer who conquered the compromising surf and was moved to the Coast Gatekeeper Base Astoria in Oregon.


As indicated by specialists, Jericho Labonte was treated for gentle hypothermia at the base and shipped to an area medical clinic for additional therapy. Notwithstanding, the yacht engaged with the episode was accounted for taken later in the day on Friday.

Police distinguished the suspect as Labonte from official photographs from the salvage and a video that he had himself posted of him moving around an Oregon house highlighted in the 1985 film The Goonies on February 1. Jericho Labonte had likewise supposedly left a dead fish on the yard of a similar house.

When specialists followed Labonte to the area clinic, he had been let out of there as of now. Astoria Police Boss Stacy Kelly told the Related Press:

The Astoria Police Division refreshed that Labonte was captured on Friday night.

On Friday morning, two Coast Gatekeeper aircrews were directing a preparation mission at the mouth of the Columbia Waterway when they got a MayDay communicated from the expert of the P/C Sandpiper, according to tweets posted by the authority Twitter account.

This prompted a sensational and perilous salvage mission, as the waterway was excessively tempestuous for a salvage by boat. The aircrews advised the watchstanders in the Area Columbia Stream, who sent engine rafts from STA Cape Disillusionment.

Notwithstanding, because of the compromising surf, the aircrew chose to bring down the salvage swimmer and enter the water for salvage. In a few tweets, the U.S. Coast Gatekeeper composed:

“In the wake of advising watchstanders at Area Columbia Stream who sent off engine rafts from STA Cape Dissatisfaction, the air groups showed up on scene to find the vessel fumbling in the surf! The surf made salvage by boat risky, so the aircrew chose to bring down the salvage swimmer and have the proprietor enter the water for salvage.”

However the vessel overturned, the salvage swimmer securely recuperated the person, who was subsequently distinguished as Jericho Labonte. EMS treated him at Coast Gatekeeper Base Astoria and afterward shipped him to a neighborhood emergency clinic.

Astoria Police Boss Stacy Kelly said that Labonte was additionally needed in English Columbia on past charges of criminal badgering, naughtiness, and inability to consent.