What did Joe Rogan say about Andrew Tate? Mohammed Hijab shared thoughts on former’s comments

Andrew Tate has been the subject of broad discussion and conversation since his brilliant ascent to notoriety, with Joe Rogan being the most recent to join a line of well known people saying something regarding the previous’ content and perspectives.

While Tate is as yet detained, a fan-run handle, @morpheusresist, has tweeted a clasp from episode 1920 of the Joe Rogan Experience, where Rogan shared his perspectives on Andrew’s content while responding to the insight about the last option’s capture.


The clasp, which likewise incorporates English Egyptian force to be reckoned with Mohammad Hijab’s response to Rogan’s perspectives, has collected a ton of traffic via online entertainment, drawing wide responses from fans.

In discussion with Dave Portnoy, organizer behind Barstool Sports, this episode of the Joe Rogan Experience was delivered seven days after Andrew Tate’s capture on December 29, 2022.

In the wake of saying that the charges against Tate ought to be completely verified in court, Rogan expressed his feeling on Andrew’s web-based picture.

“I know a ton of what he does is theater..a parcel of what he does is exceptionally similar to parody. He assumes the part of this pretentious sexist who smokes stogies and drives Lamborghinis, and that is his thing.”
Joe then, at that point, proceeded to make sense of how the 36-year-old English American powerhouse effectively adapted his internet based presence:

“What’s more, due to that he’s amassed an astounding measure of cash, and he’s done it by doing this person, this web-based persona.”

In the wake of contending that a lot of Andrew Tate’s content was a web-based persona made for monetary benefit, Rogan proceeded to say that he was very entranced by Andrew’s perspectives beyond his web-based persona.

(proceeded) “However at that point additionally expresses extremely insightful things. He says ludicrous shxt, yet additionally expresses truly fascinating things. He’s an exceptionally brilliant person.”
Rogan additionally talked about Andrew Tate’s digital recording with Patrick Bet-David, where he felt that one could see the profundity in Tate’s approach to seeing the world.

“..thus he had him on for a meaningful discussion. They talk for quite a long time. What’s more, you get to see this is an exceptionally savvy and determined person.”

Rogan closed by saying that despite the fact that he contradicts Andrew on various issues, and keeping in mind that specific individuals from Tate’s own audience may not concur with his own perspectives on specific subjects, the last’s prosperity and ubiquity are certain, Rogan said.

Mohammad Hijab additionally said something regarding Rogan’s perspectives, where he to a great extent concurred with the podcaster’s position on Andrew Tate’s persona.

“Presently I consider some what he said there, is very on the mark. For instance, referencing that it’s a dramatic presentation or some likeness thereof, similar to he has very nearly a WWE character that he brings out for the general population, and that is something he has placed on the record.”

Mohammed additionally proceeded to say that if not for the “WWE character” that Andrew Tate set up via online entertainment, as Rogan said, he could not have possibly had the option to arrive at the degree of distinction and achievement that he has.

“If not for that WWE character, he could never have had the option to store up the accompanying that he’s amassed, ascend to conspicuousness in such an outstanding way as he has..and become a good example to such countless youngsters, for better or in negative ways.”

Large numbers of Andrew Tate’s fans felt that the position that both Rogan and Mohammad Hijab took was a fairly delicate one and scrutinized them for the equivalent.

Tate has not yet remarked on the perspectives set forth by either, yet hypothesis among fans is overflowing about a potential appearance on the Joe Rogan show by Andrew, if and when he is delivered.

These bits of gossip have not been affirmed by one or the other party, yet given the enormous fame appreciated by both and the interest Rogan communicated in Andrew Tate’s perspectives, they could appear sooner rather than later.