What did Johana Ramos do? Pennsylvania woman arrested alongside husband in mother’s gruesome murder


Johana Ramos, a 31-year-elderly person from Pennsylvania, was captured on Friday, June 23, 2023, because of her supposed contribution in the homicide of her mom. She was blamed for supporting the homicide of her mom, Lourdes Ramos Baez, who was 67 years of age at the hour of her passing. Ramos was accused of criminal manslaughter and criminal intrigue to perpetrate murder.

Recently, Ramos’ better half, William Emilio Torres Gautier, was captured for the homicide of his mother by marriage. He was accused of criminal murder, exasperated attack, feeling of dread toward unavoidable serious substantial injury, terroristic dangers with aim to threaten another, opposing capture, criminal wickedness, and maltreatment of a carcass according to court records.


Johana Ramos purportedly assisted her better half with killing her mom by conduit taping the 67-years of age’s head and face At first, Johana Ramos’ significant other, William Emilio Torres Gautier was the main suspect captured in the homicide of Lourdes Ramos Baez. He was captured after a showdown with the police on June 6, 2023, when the specialists were answering a call in regards to an unsettling influence at the blamed’s home in Dover, Pennsylvania.

The Police, after showing up at the scene, met with Ramos, who purportedly stayed outside for quite a long time. According to their assertion, alluding to Ramos, they said:

“The female showed that her mom was in the home and required help.” At the point when they endeavored to address her, William Emilio Torres Gautier got into a squabble with them.

“While addressing Gautier, the female was seen to flag for help. As officials endeavored to address the female, Gautier mediated and pushed a segment of wooden wall at officials, striking one of them. The officials arrested Gautier after a short battle,” the police said, according to Newsweek.
From there on, the specialists tracked down the casualty under a heap of garments and other trash, with her arms tied behind her back and numerous cut injuries. The Pennsylvania state police made sense of that when they found the person in question, “conduit tape covered her eyes and face. Coat holders were folded over her neck.”

The posthumous reports expressed that the casualty died from obtuse power wounds to her head and strangulation, as indicated by a report by Law&Crime. After additional examination, specialists captured Ramos for her supposed contribution in the homicide. The Pennsylvania police guarantee that Ramos helped her significant other in the homicide, explicitly with the channel taping of the casualty’s head and face.

“Johana Ramos took part in the demonstration and helped Gautier with conduit taping the casualty’s head and face,” the authority proclamation read. Johana Ramos is presently being kept without bond. It is asserted that her significant other advised her his arrangement to kill the casualty to acquire her cash.