What did Justin Sigmon do? Charges explored as former Franking County Sheriff’s deputy arrested on cruise ship


Justin Sigmon, a previous representative of the Franklin Region Sheriff’s Office, was secured by the Government Department of Examination (FBI) in Miami in the wake of being blamed for participating in unseemly physical contact with a youngster while on a voyage. The capture came after Sigmon was accused of having harmful s*xual contact with a minor younger than 12 on May 30.

Justin Sigmon was all the while functioning as a skipper at the Franklin District Sheriff’s Office when he was captured, be that as it may, he left his position not long after on June 2.


Because of the capture, the Franklin District Sheriff’s Office put out an authority announcement communicating their mindfulness about the government criminal allegation against one of their previous individuals. The Sheriff’s Office expressed that because of the restricted data given by government specialists, they have been effectively gathering extra subtleties connected with the case.

The youngster’s relationship with Sigmon presently stays indistinct as Journey Regulation News alluded to her as Sigmon’s little girl, while court reports just referenced she was the suspect’s female family member.

Trigger Admonition: This article contains notices of youngster misuse. Perusers’ watchfulness is encouraged. As per reports recorded in the government court for the Southern Locale of Florida, 47-year-old Justin Sigmon was captured by the FBI when the voyage transport Amusement park Daylight got back to the port in Miami.

Justin Sigmon was going with his family when he was purportedly discovered on video taking part in what has been depicted as “m*lesting a young lady” by an individual traveler as per Virginia news station WDBJ7.

The supposed episode happened in the lounge area of the voyage transport where Sigmon and his family were trusting that supper will be served. A FBI specialist’s oath, submitted as a component of the court document, expresses that an observer noticed Sigmon manhandling the little kid, who was situated on his lap.

After boarding the boat, the FBI directed a meeting with Sigmon. As indicated by the court document, Sigmon owned up to understanding that the physical contact could be viewed as improper yet demanded that it was not expected to be of s*xual nature.

Nonetheless, that’s what justin Sigmon asserted assuming another man had contacted his little girl in a similar way, he would have answered with physical hostility.

At the point when the minor casualty was evaluated about the occurrence, she expressed that Sigmon didn’t contact her confidential region however rather contacted her legs beneath the knee, nearer to her lower leg, explicitly recognizing her calf. The casualty likewise referenced that Sigmon didn’t contact her under her apparel, according to ABC 13.

In any case, the accounts went against the minor’s record of the occasions as obviously Justin Sigmon had contacted regions past the minor casualty’s knees or calf and did, truth be told, contact her under the skirt of her dress.

In view of the examination led by a FBI specialist, there was reasonable justification to accuse Justin Sigmon of the maltreatment of a minor younger than 12. As the matter advances, specialists are deciding the proper lawful strategy.