What did Orlando Brown do? Former Disney star pleads not guilty to charges

Orlando Brown, most popular for his part in Disney’s That is So Raven, was captured in Ohio on Thursday over an abusive behavior at home episode. In any case, the star has argued not blameworthy to wrongdoing attack charges.

As per the Los Angeles Times, Brown was summoned in Lima Metropolitan Court and accused of exasperated threatening on Friday. A capture report expressed that a general claimed that Orlando Brown was acting “insane” and went after him “with a sledge and blade in a compromising way.”


The entertainer, who shot to acclaim for his job as Eddie Thomas in That is So Raven, has had different altercations with the law before, including charges connected with drinking impaired, opposing capture, and medication ownership.

As indicated by the Allen District Sheriff’s Office, Orlando Brown was hung on a $25,000 bond. It isn’t known whether a lawyer has been selected to address him.

Following a homegrown squabble with an overall on Thursday, Brown was captured in Lima, Ohio. As per the police who answered the bring in the 400 block of South Baxter Road, Brown was entangled in a verbal contention that could turn vicious.

Lima police representative Rachel Torres said that the previous entertainer was captured on doubt of abusive behavior at home including inevitable actual mischief by danger of power. The charges, be that as it may, were downsized in court.

The relative guaranteed that Brown was using a blade and was moving toward him in a “compromising way.” Brown was purportedly residing in their home for the beyond about fourteen days since he was destitute. The entertainer supposedly “didn’t believe that he should go to a destitute sanctuary.”

Orlando Brown has battled with drinking issues and addictions before. In his 2018 appearance on Dr. Phil, the entertainer drilled down into his battles. He owned up to selling precious stone meth:

“Simply the impact and the devils that accompany that drug sort of dominated. I just ended up in a dim spot since I couldn’t actually track down everyone. It’s somewhat similar to searching for your keys, when you quit looking, they’re in that general area sort of arrangement. I began to acknowledge what was before me. From that point, presently I’m great.”

During his meeting, he admitted that he needed to be better for his youngsters. Throughout the long term, he has been in and out of clinical and restoration offices.