What did Peaches Stergo do? Woman allegedly scammed Holocaust survivor for $2.8 million


Peaches Stergo, a 36-year-elderly person from Florida, was captured on Wednesday, January 24, for defrauding a Holocaust survivor out of millions of dollars.

Peaches Stergo, who likewise goes by the name Alice, is blamed for running a “sentiment trick” focusing on a 87-year-old Holocaust survivor who was stripped out of his life reserve funds in the range of four years.


Stergo supposedly started her plan not long after gathering the casualty on a dating site in 2017. For the following four years, the suspect drained the casualty out of millions asserting she needed to pay her attorneys, who were keeping supports on a physical issue settlement.

Nonetheless, specialists said that the suspect never gotten cash from the alleged injury repayment nor did it exist. The cash that was purportedly kept into the suspect’s record was rather used to help her extravagant way of life.

The casualty purportedly loaned $50,000, which totalled an amount of $2.8 million in the following four years.

The years-long fake plan started in 2017 with Stergo first requesting that the casualty loan cash to cover legitimate charges concerning a physical issue repayment that was probably being kept by her lawyers.

For a considerable length of time, Stergo kept on getting cash from the person in question, professing to be almost down and out from suit that purportedly didn’t exist.

In an official statement, specialists said that Stergo over and over requested that the casualty store cash into her financial balance, guaranteeing that her record would be frozen on the off chance that she didn’t pay her lawyers and subsequently would not be able to repay him.

Specialists expressed that while the person in question, who lost his life reserve funds in the trick, was constrained out of his home, Stergo carried on with an existence of extravagance with the cash she cheated from the person in question.

Peaches Stergo supposedly burned through millions on a house in a gated local area, a condo, watches, vehicles and a few other top of the line things while proceeding to go after the older casualty.

“Stergo hoodwinked a 87-year-old Holocaust survivor, vindictively depleting his life reserve funds so she could turn into a mogul through misrepresentation. Stergo produced reports and mimicked a bank worker in return for an existence of extravagant excursions, Rolex watches, and extravagance buys.”
He added:

“Throughout the misrepresentation, STERGO additionally went on costly outings, remaining at places like the Ritz Carlton, and spent a huge number of dollars on costly feasts, gold coins and bars, gems, Rolex watches, and fashioner clothing from stores like Tiffany, Ralph Lauren, Neiman Marcus, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes.”

Whenever sentenced, Peaches Stergo could have to carry out upwards of 20 years in jail. In the interim, specialists have requested that individuals stay careful about dating sites that have become prolific justification for cheaters focusing on clients throughout the long term.