What did Serif Zorba do? Suspect arrested after New Jersey Imam Sayed Elnakib was stabbed while leading prayers


On Sunday, April 9, 2023, at around 6 am nearby time, Sayed Elnakib, a conspicuous imam, was betrayed as he drove supplications at the Omar Mosque in New Jersey.

The suspect has been recognized as Serif Zorba, 32. The imam was promptly raced to a close by emergency clinic. Around 200 individuals were available at the help where the cutting occurred.


As indicated by observation film, Zorba was seen turning and darting for the entryway in the wake of wounding Sayed Elnakib. The admirers, nonetheless, held him till the police showed up and arrested him. 65-year-old Elnakib supported a few serious wounds, notwithstanding, he was pronounced stable in the emergency clinic.

Serif Zorba is as of now being held in the Bergen District Prison and has to deal with penalties of endeavored murder and weapons offenses. He had allegedly come to the mosque previously.

The disastrous episode occurred on April 9, 2023, AM the point at which the imam was driving Fajr petitions at the Omar Mosque in Paterson. A man hurried towards the imam and betrayed him. The equivalent has likewise been found in the observation film that caught the whole occurrence.

65-year-old Sayed Elnakib supported wounds including liver harm. A mosque representative affirmed this too. The imam was, notwithstanding, proclaimed to be in stable condition.

Zorba should have been visible as a 6-foot-3-inch man wearing a white hoodie, present among the admirers who were there in the mosque for the Ramadan petitioning God administration. Reconnaissance film caught him going after Elnakib toward the back, while everyone dropped to their knees and bowed.

The admirers didn’t stress for their own security and on second thought controlled the attacker who had quite recently gone after their darling Imam Sayed Elnakib. New Jersey State Police officers captured Zorba.

A people group part named Sikander Khan expressed that the assault on Sayed Elnakib occurred soon after the morning petitions to heaven began. Khan likewise referenced that the imam needed to go through a medical procedure after the assault and, by said:

“No one truly knew him. We don’t have the foggiest idea what the thought process behind his activity is. He would come in and sort of sit secluded away from every other person and didn’t actually speak with anybody.”
Specialists are yet to find the intention behind the assault on the imam. Another imam expressed that the episode was a separated one. Specialists uncovered that Zorba wasn’t an individual from the mosque, however had implored before in the Omar Mosque.