What did Shamaiya Hall do? Prosecutors seek death penalty against Texas mom over children’s brutal murder


25-year-old Shamaiya Corridor of North Texas is confronting three counts of capital homicide for killing three of her youngsters and stays in authority at an Ellis Region detainment focus. Examiners revealed that Shamaiya cut her five youngsters in Spring after a Kid Defensive Administrations case manager chose to move the children out of their home in Italy.

CBS News detailed that Province and Head prosecutor Ann Montgomery presented a notification of plan to seek after capital punishment for Shamaiya Corridor in the capital homicide cases.


Ellis District Sheriff’s Office detailed that on Walk 3, 2023, a Youngster Defensive Administrations case manager visited a home on Harris Road in Italy where Shamaiya’s five kids were residing with a family member. The case manager chose to eliminate the youngsters from the home and reached 911 at around 4 pm that very day, according to CBS News.

Shamaiya Corridor apparently went after each of the five of her kids, including 6-year-old Legend Chappell, 5-year-old twins Alayiah Martin and Ayden Martin, her unidentified 4-year-old child, and 13-month-old girl.

FOX 4 News revealed that examiners expressed that Shamaiya wounded her youngsters following the choice made by the Kid Defensive Administrations case manager.

As per the report by FOX 4 News, court records show that the case manager called 911 after she saw Shamaiya entering the home and afterward leaving with what she accepted to be a guilty conscience.

The capture warrant testimony expressed that following the emergency call, police found the kids in a back room of the home. They were lethargic and had supported what they accepted to be different cut injuries in the stomach district.

CBS News likewise announced that it stays indistinct why Shamaiya was at the home upon the arrival of the occurrence and whether this affected the case manager’s decision to eliminate the youngsters.

Shamaiya’s assault prompted the passing of the 6-year-old and 5-year-old twins. Notwithstanding, two of her most youthful youngsters, a 4-year-old kid, and a 13-month-old young lady, made due with basic wounds and were hospitalized.

CBS News revealed that court records show that in 2017, Shamaiya was accused of irritated attack with a deadly weapon for undermining a man with a blade. Another case shows that in 2020, she confessed to attack prompting substantial injury after she chomped a person.

CBS News detailed that Shamaiya Corridor’s twin likewise had a past filled with viciousness. In 2021, her twin sister, Troyshaye Corridor, was accused of homicide for supposedly lethally cutting her seven-year-old girl in South Dallas.

A GoFundMe pledge drive crusade was coordinated by Shantae Haymer for Shamaiya’s late child Legend Chappell for his dad, Robert Reese, and grandma, Tanya Reese.

The mission post makes reference to that the gifts will assist Legend’s dad with burial service costs.