What did Tanner Watkins do? Missouri man fatally shoots 18-year-old over Facebook post


Leather expert Watkins, 20, has been captured alongside Kaleb Ramsey, 18, and accused of homicide, three counts of attack, four counts of unlawful utilization of a weapon, and equipped lawbreaker activity. As it works out, Watkins, one of the essential suspects, is blamed for killing a 18-year-old kid and fundamentally harming a 18-year-old young lady in provincial Missouri.

The episode happened after the person in question, Isiah Craig Fitzgerald, responded to the profile photograph of Leather treater Watkins and his better half with a chuckling emoticon on Facebook. It prompted a warmed trade between the two. They then consented to meet at a recreation area to battle.


Notwithstanding, the circumstance immediately raised, with shots discharged from various vehicles, including the utilization of an AK-47-style rifle. The episode not just brought about the demise of Fitzgerald at the scene yet additionally handled the young lady in medical clinic with deadly wounds. A few emergency calls were made after the occurrence began at the recreation area, which is situated in closeness to a green.

Last week, police were called to Revolving Park in Sikeston, Missouri, after there were reports of gunfire. Talking about the occurrence, Boss Jim McMillen of the Sikeston Branch of Public Security said:

McMillen further expressed that one of the vehicles with four people was holding up while two different vehicles hauling around five individuals showed up at the scene. The two sides started taking shots at one another, utilizing different guns like rifles and guns. Specifically, court records got by KVFS uncovered that an AK-47-style rifle was utilized to discharge various rounds at a Chevy Malibu.

He added that having this sort of occurrence in the area, causing worry among residents was surprising. The guns utilized by Leather expert Watkins have been gathered as proof, as revealed by Public Post.

Leather expert Watkins is presently being held without bond alongside the other suspect, Ramsey. Their hearing is apparently booked for May 8, 2023.

In light of the screen captures, the discussion between Leather treater Watkins and Fitzgerald began with the last option stating, “What’s entertaining,” which was trailed by three different messages. After this, Watkins remarked “You generally on some entertaining s — ,” prior to expressing “I’m prepared though” with an emoticon of approval and an objective.

Normally, the occurrence has left the local area in shock, with many communicating their pain and mistrust via virtual entertainment.

One man, who realized Isiah Craig Fitzgerald said that he was from Chaffee, Missouri, further making sense of that Isiah and his brother Malachi had invested a lot of energy with the man’s child in their more youthful years, with the last option going about as a mentor to them.

According to the CDC, in 2021, 54% of all weapon related fatalities in the US were the consequence of self destruction, adding up to 26,328 passings. In the mean time, 43% weapon related passings were credited to kill, which adds up to 20,958 fatalities. The leftover firearm related fatalities of that year included unplanned passings (549), fatalities including policing), (or those with vague conditions (458).