What Exactly Happened To EO? UK Rapper Claims Of Forcefully Sent To Rehab

Edwin Onokhua, otherwise called EO, is a London-based British rapper, vocalist, musician, and YouTuber. He started as a comic on his YouTube channel, eocrossover, mocking melodies, and performing comic portrayals.

Following fan support, his presentation tune, “German,” was distributed in 2018 and crested at number 13 on the UK Singles Chart. On 7 August 2018, he was named craftsman of the day by Urban Music Awards, and in April 2018, he was named craftsman of the week by Apple Music.


Where Could UK Rapper EO Today be? The UK rapper was off the market after his crush “German,” which has around 60 million perspectives on YouTube, turned into the melody of the late spring of 2018.

On Wednesday (Mar. 16), he got back in the saddle to web-based entertainment, saying that he had been driven into recovery. One Snapchat video’s title says, “They attempted to make me get help, and I said no,” alluding to Amy Winehouse’s tune “Recovery.”

“I yelled no, however they constrained me inside,” he proceeded.

He likewise got back in the game on Instagram by posting a robot playing b-ball on March 19, 2022. His fans were all sponsorship him, empowering him not to abandon his fantasies.

Moreover, the fresh insight about recovery and his connect to fixation bothered them. As they would see it, now that he is back, there is not a great explanation to overemphasize it, which is sensible.

There is compelling reason need to additionally damage the person by raising the occasion that he detests once more and over.

They’re expecting he’ll be back on the track and give some big music like his final remaining one. His new tune, Blood on the Block will be delivered before long as per his Snapchat story.

Update On What Happened To The Artist, UK Rapper EO? As per his new Snapchat story, UK rapper EO was constrained into recovery. His different clasps show EO Crossover walking around a supposed office or looking vacantly towards the camera.

The one-moment and 30-second video show EO in a dark sweater and earphones in a scantily outfitted room. A couple of dark warm up pants should be visible on the table behind him, as well as a jug of Listerine, which he removes from sight as the camera rolls.

In the video, EO seems rumpled and can be heard prattling odd words and sentences all through.

The film closes with a trailer promoting EO’s new tune, Blood on the Block, which will be “accessible soon,” as per the finish of the video.

EO additionally presented a few pictures on his Snapchat account on March 16, with one video’s title perusing, “They endeavor to make me go to treatment, and I say no.”

“I yelled no, however they hauled me in, Yh Yh.”

EO is supposed to be seen wandering about what seems to be an office and looking vacantly into the camera on occasion. This has concerned a considerable lot of his fans who hurried to Twitter to communicate their concerns.

Despite the fact that he was constrained into treatment against his decision, his devotees are feeling better that he has conquered his dependence, accepting he had one. Since dependence on any substance, whether it is liquor, opiates, or whatever else, is risky to the individual and his profession.

Does UK Rapper EO Have Girlfriend? His Net Worth EO otherwise known as Edwin Onokhua, a UK rapper, was reputed to date Amelia Monet. She is a vocalist, musician, entertainer, model, and web-based entertainment star from the United Kingdom.

On the tune “Baddest,” she teamed up with EO which is thought to be the base for their relationship.

Amelia likewise sought after a displaying vocation with lobbies for Cavalli, Dior, Disney, John Lewis, Debenhams, Marks and Spencer, Next, H&M, Lindex, Primark, Adams, and Peacocks. In any case, later cease it.

She got her most memorable record contract in 2018 with DBF Records, Fresh UK, and Columbia Records UK. She delivered her introduction single, ‘Baddest,’ which included EO.

Nonetheless, she has not been dynamic via web-based entertainment beginning around 2020.

Rapper EO is accounted for to have a total assets of $250,000, as per the Cityceleb. He would have procured a fortune at this point, if by some stroke of good luck he had not vanished for such a long time.