What Happened Between Anthony Harris & Devan Duniver? ABC 20/20 New Episode Looks Into The Mysterious Murder & False Confession


Anthony Harris worked out about being erroneously sentenced for killing his kid neighbor Devan Duniver in 1998 in an elite clasp from the current week’s episode of 20/20.

What Happened Between Anthony Harris and Devan Duniver? Murder Details To Follow Anthony Harris and Devan Duniver were neighbors. Then, at that point, in 1998, a five-year-old young lady, devan, unexpectedly disappeared, which brought about a monstrous pursuit.


Harris and his family were additionally assisting the casualty’s family with looking for her. Nonetheless, her dead body was found in the forest behind the house following a day of the hunt.

It very well might be stunning, however 12-year-old Harris was called for cross examination since agents guaranteed he gave conflicting realities about where he was and what he was doing when the young lady was absent.

Harris and his mom Cyndi were gathered to the stationhouse fourteen days after Devan’s passing was found. The police boss, Thomas Vaughn, was the person who examined him.

As indicated by the sound of the meeting, as referenced by ABC, Vaughn over and over inquired as to whether he killed Devan. Albeit the youngster at first denied inclusion, he later admitted out of tension bringing about him being accused of homicide notwithstanding being honest.

Indeed, even from the casualty’s own family, there were potential suspects as they had past crook records. Yet, the specialists got on Harris’ back all things considered and unjustly indicted him.

Is Anthony Harris Information Available On Wikipedia? Anthony Harris’ data isn’t accessible on Wikipedia. Be that as it may, he is probably the most youthful casualty of unjust allegations.

He was a 12-year-old youngster when the examiners called him to the police headquarters as a suspect in the passing of Devan. He and his family dwelled in a similar high rise as the little child.

Furthermore, when she disappeared, they joined many others locally looking for her. Notwithstanding, she was not tracked down that evening, but rather officials tracked down her body in the forest behind her home the following day. She had numerous cut injuries on her neck.

Since the police figured Harris didn’t give precise data about his whereabouts went eh young lady disappeared, they took him for cross examination. He was compelled there, which brought about him admitting his violations.

He burned through two years in a detainment community however figured out how to win an allure and upset the choice. Nonetheless, the harms were at that point finished. Despite the fact that he had conquered the agonizing past, it actually irritates him that the killer is still out in the open.

Where Could Anthony Harris Now be? Anthony Harris has filled in as a Marine, yet it isn’t affirmed on the off chance that he is as yet doing it now. Be that as it may, watchers can see him in the 20/20 episode named Gone Before the Storm on May 6, 2022.

It has been a long time since he got back from the confinement community. He has continued on with his personal business.